12 New Hobbies to Pick up That Are Good for You ...


12 New Hobbies to Pick up That Are Good for You ...
12 New Hobbies to Pick up That Are Good for You ...

If you belong to that small percentage of people that among their work, their studies, and their social life they still have free time in their hands and you are wondering what to do with it, then pick up a new hobby. Luckily, there is a variety of things you can do. Based on your personality, skills or likes, you can choose anything. Here are some suggestions of a few hobbies you can pick up.

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Martial Arts

Room, Photography, Art, Martial arts are not only a great workout and a way to pass the time but they are also a quite useful skill to possess. This is a dangerous world we live in. You can pick from a list of so many different martial arts, from karate to kick boxing or self defense and nowadays there are beginners classes for everything.


Additionally, martial arts can provide mental discipline and help to boost your self-confidence. As you train, you’ll not only improve your physical strength but also learn valuable lessons in perseverance and concentration. Engaging in martial arts can be a pathway to finding inner peace and balance while learning how to defend yourself. Whether your interest lies in the graceful movements of taekwondo or the strategic grips of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, embracing this hobby could very well turn into a lifelong passion.



Text, Font, Book, Hand, Reading, If you are not a reader generally, maybe you should rethink it. Every fiction book hides a small world inside that can provide you with an escape. Every scientific book, provides knowledge. Luckily, there are so many different books, in so many different topics that you will most likely find something you like to read.


Reading can truly be a form of personal enrichment and escape. From fantasy to non-fiction, turning the pages of a book might lead to a transformative journey. Whether it's through the eyes of a compelling character or learning about the universe's mysteries, each book is a window to endless possibilities. Plus, it's a hobby that can be enjoyed anywhere – cozying up with a cup of tea at home, during a commute, or even on a park bench. Embracing the habit of reading is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with stories, wisdom, and adventure.



Mountainous landforms, Mountain, Wilderness, Backpacking, Adventure, If you like nature and you are an active person you could pick up hiking. Look for local groups in your area that arrange hiking to close by trails and sign up. You will have the opportunity to see new places and meet new people.



Watercolor paint, Paint, Art, Painting, Visual arts, If you are more of an artistic personality then maybe you should try painting. You don’t even have to get out of the house for that one. There are plenty of tutorials online. Before you rush to argue that you can’t paint, maybe you should try first. You never know.



Thread, Incense, Food, Wool, Knitting, It’s a trend. So many actors and singers claim that they knit. Maybe you should consider starting it. It will be useful as well. Remember when you can never find that perfect scarf you wanted anywhere on the market? Maybe now it’s the chance to make it yourself.



People in nature, Nature, Photograph, Tree, Natural environment, No, selfies are not the only thing to photography. Find something else to photograph other than yourself. Lay off the filters and try to get the perfect image naturally. It might take time but time is what you have.


Public Speaking

Stage, Curtain, Theater curtain, Theatre, Light, Yeah, that’s a hobby. If you enjoy speaking in public and want to share your opinions with others you can pick up pubic speaking as a hobby. There are groups and competitions if you want to take it that far. Who knows, maybe in years to come you will end up giving a TED talk.



Mammal, Dog, Vertebrate, Canidae, Dobermann, So many organizations rely on volunteers to get things done. If you enjoy spending time with animals, check with your local animal shelter and ask if they need volunteers. That way you can spend you free time with adorable animals. If you would like to volunteer in health, try organizations like the Red Cross. Some might argue that this is not a hobby but if you enjoy it and you are responsible and want to help, go for it.


Learn a New Language

Hand, Sky, Earth, World, Finger, It might take a few months or years to learn a new language depending on the language you will choose but it is quite useful. You plan to take a vacation on another country? Why not learn to speak the local language? Plus, the knowledge of an extra language can also look good on your resume.



Arm, Acrobatics, Flip (acrobatic), Balance, Performance, If you are looking for something that combines working on your physical health alongside with your mental and spiritual well being, then yoga is for you. It might take a lot of time to master the simplest pose but you don’t have to stress about it.



Ten-pin bowling, Bowling, Bowling equipment, Bowling pin, Ball, There are so many sports you can choose from. There are team sports where you can join a local team, like volleyball, hockey, or even bowling. And then if you like to do things ,alone you can pick up an individual sport like archery. Maybe you are the next Katniss Everdeen or the next Alec Lightwood.


Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Musical instrument, Finger, Hand, Guitar, Plucked string instruments, Music is always a good company. If you have a love for it, then why not learn how to play a musical instrument of your choosing. You can choose from going to a music school, to hiring a private tutor, or even try it yourself with online tutorials. Just make sure to respect the quiet hours so you won’t have a problem with your neighbors.

There are so many hobbies someone can choose to pick up. The most common reason people don’t start though is because of fear of failing. Don’t stress about it. It’s a hobby, not a job. If you realize at a later time that you are not good at it or you don’t enjoy it anymore you simply stop doing it. It’s not a binding contract. Find what makes you happy to do and start. Good luck!

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