Ways to Occupy Your Time during Stay at Home Order ...


Ways to Occupy Your Time during Stay at Home Order ...
Ways to Occupy Your Time during Stay at Home Order ...

Over the course of a few weeks, life as you knew it changed drastically. The coronavirus hit the world in a way no one thought it would, forcing many government officials and leaders to take drastic measures. Public and private schools have been closed, non-essential businesses have been forced to close their doors, and millions of people have been asked to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus.

Now you’ve got a bunch of time on your hands with nothing to focus on but the uncertainty of the impact of the virus, your job, and your growing pile of unpaid bills. There’s no doubt that this worldwide pandemic has caused an undue amount of stress, but spending too much time focusing on what you can’t control is unhealthy and unproductive.

Try to find the silver lining in all of this madness and instead think of this as a time to focus on things that really matter like family, relationships, your health, and supporting others. Fill your days with activities that bring more purpose and meaning to your life. Check out these ideas below:

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Start an Exercise Routine

Instead of spending your time on the couch in front of the television eating snacks, get up and get moving. A great way to spend your time during the stay at home order is exercising. Exercise will not only help you to lose weight and build muscle, but it improves your mood, releases toxins from the body, boosts your energy, and greatly reduces your risk of developing life-threatening illnesses and diseases. Spend about 30 minutes a day working out. You can use home gym equipment, find a workout video online, go for a jog around your neighborhood, or use household items and create your own workout.


Practice Self-Care

On a normal day, you are the last person on your list of priorities. Now that you have some extra time on your hands it’s time to prioritize your own needs. Don’t stop at just exercising each day, create daily routines that enhance your well-being. You can meditate or practice yoga each morning, develop a beauty routine (skin, hair, and nails), learn relaxation techniques, make time for hobbies and personal interests, and unwind at the end of the day with a nice bath or shower.


Write in a Journal

Now is a great time for self-reflection. All the changes going on can force a person to re-evaluate their life and what they want. Not to mention, these unfortunate circumstances can bring about overwhelming feelings of sadness, helplessness, fear, and frustration. Journaling is an effective way to release your inner thoughts (good or bad). When you find yourself in deep thought about something, grab a journal and write it down.


Support a Local Business

Not all businesses have been asked to close their doors to customers. In fact, there are some businesses that have been categorized as essential including restaurants and grocery stores. Be that as it may, since everyone has retreated to their homes, business is slow. You can help to support these local businesses with cheap eats by placing an order online.


Spruce up Your Yard

Your backyard is likely one of the safest places to go if you want to spend time outdoors. So, why not make it an ideal outdoor oasis you and your family can enjoy? Gather the family, get outside, and do some good old-fashioned yard work. Clean the gutters, cut the grass, trim the shrubs, pull the weeds, and hose down your walkways. Then, pull out the lawn furniture, pull out the grill and have some quality time outdoors enjoying the hard work you just put in.


Start a Business

What if having to stay home from your regular job was a blessing in disguise? What if now is the prime time to begin developing a business plan for something that suits your passion or purpose? If you really want to be productive during this stay at home order, start a business. There are plenty of profitable online business ideas that can be started with nothing more than the internet and a computer.

You could drive yourself insane sitting in the house watching the days go by. Though things are really crazy right now, unfortunately, it’s beyond your control. Use this time to make healthy changes to your life, cultivate deeper relationships with those you love, and support others. No matter when this thing is all over, you’ll come out of it a much better person.

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