9 Summertime Activities That Will Keep You Young ...


There are lots of summertime activities that will keep you feeling young, no matter what your age. Everyone likes to feel a little childlike again, and although summer isn't the only time to do that, it's definitely an opportune time. You might not get three months off work, but you have to admit that all the sunshine, the smells of chlorine and sunscreen, and the sight of fireflies make you nostalgic, right? So when you have some free time, give these summertime activities a try. You're welcome!

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Coloring I'm going to start off with a few summertime activities for rainy days, because that's when you're usually at a loss. I love binge-watching OITNB and Breaking Bad on rainy days as much as the next girl, but that won't keep you young. Breaking out the coloring books will keep you young, so go stock up right now. If you're feeling super nostalgic, then go ahead and spring for the deluxe box of Crayolas.


Going to the Library

Going to the Library Going to the library for hours used to be one of my favorite things to do on dreary summer days. There's no such thing as bad weather when you're in the library. Whether you just stock up on books or choose to read something new right then and there, make sure you've got your library card – and stay off those computers for a while!


Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies Who doesn't love chasing butterflies? They give you a great run, and when you finally get close enough to see how beautiful they are, well, nothing beats that. You don't need to catch them, just admire them – everything in nature enjoys being admired.


Catching Fireflies

Catching Fireflies There's something so magical about catching fireflies. You have to let them go before they die, of course, but catching a few and watching them glow in a Mason jar … there's just nothing like that. Fireflies always signaled summer for me, and I miss them keenly – there aren't a lot of them in the city, but don't worry. I've got you covered if you're bereft of fireflies too.


Making S'mores

Making S'mores It's messy, sticky, and delicious – what could be better? Whether you go on a camping trip, make a bonfire on the beach, or sit around a fire pit in your backyard, break out the marshmallows. Make sure you have some friends with you, as well. S'mores are always better when you share them with your buddies.


Sleep in

Sleep in This won't always be possible, but when you're able to, let yourself sleep in this summer. It doesn't matter what “late” is to you – my partner thinks 8am qualifies as a lie-in, because she gets up at 5am through the week; I do not agree with this. The point is, give yourself a few extra hours every once in a while. Stay up late reading, watching movies, or taking in a show, and then indulge a bit.


Play in the Woods

Play in the Woods When was the last time you played in the woods? Go get a little lost! Find a grove of pine trees, follow a creek to its conclusion, and get in touch with nature a little. The woods are bound to be wonderfully cool and mysterious even on the hottest summer days. Bring your special someone or your best friend, pack a picnic, and make like wood nymphs for a day.


Ride Your Bike Everywhere

Ride Your Bike Everywhere You couldn't get me off my bike in the summer. I was never really going anywhere, I just wanted my wheels. Forget about your car for a while, don't worry about exercise, just go on a cycling adventure. Explore your neighborhood, find some new bike trails, and again, get a little lost for a while.


Play in the Park

Play in the Park You may take your kids to the park, or your dogs, but I want you to go to the park for yourself. Swing for a while, slide down the slide, see if you can find someone to play on the seesaw. Have fun!

You can still have the same kinds of summers you had as a kid, even if they're relegated to evenings, weekends, and vacations. Age ain't nothing but a number, my lovelies, so go catch some fireflies, chase butterflies, and sleep until noon on Saturday if you please. What do you miss most about your childhood summers?

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I love the aspect that you have indoor and outdoor things, great job!

soooo just do anything u wanna do basicly :p

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