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Free Things to do for Fun when You're Bored on a Budget ...

By Leiann

Want to do something for fun and for free? Watch this video about free things to do for fun!

My favorites were:

1 Photoshoot

Who needs another selfie? Not me. Who needs to pay for a professional photographer? I don't. Gather the gals up, take a camera or cellular phone, then strike some poses!

2 New Recipe

Make some new drinks, whether cocktail or mocktail. Fix a new comfort food. Challenge yourself to fix dinner in a microwave or crockpot. Make a meal for family or a friend.

3 New DIY

There is a ton of YouTube videos about homemade skin creams. Attempt a new craft. Take on a new hobby.

As she did talk about pumpkins, although spring is approaching, if you like pumpkins a whole lot, buy some canned pumpkin and make some smoothies or buy some pumpkin spice to sprinkle in your coffee. Do you like pumpkin pie with Cool-Whip?

I hope you found this video to be cute!

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