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Do you have a little time on your hands and are interested in starting one or two easy hobbies? Perhaps the rush of the holiday season has calmed down and you suddenly wonder what to do with those hours you spent on holiday related preparations. Or perhaps you have thought about starting a hobby but have no idea what to do. People all over the world engage in hobbies that range from the free to the mega-expensive. If you are interested in starting a hobby today on a very tight budget (read: free) then consider trying one these 7 easy hobbies.

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Visual Expression

Do you have a love of visual arts? Why not engage the medium and demonstrate your artistic self through drawing or painting? Don’t worry about your skills with pen and paper or paint and brush. The point of this hobby is to engage artistic expression and improve your techniques along the way. Both drawing and painting are easy hobbies that are relatively cheap to begin. With enough practice and exposure, your artwork may become a hobby that pays off through yard sales or commission.


Read, Read, Read

If you like to read then you already have a head start with this hobby. Books are available everywhere in hard cover, paperback, or e-book. Visit your local library and borrow a book. Or download books to your portable device for free from any of a number of sites. Check out the suggestions in my post about it here: books.allwomenstalk.com.


Write Something: Blog or Journal

Each day is filled with action and experiences, big and small. Grab a pen and paper, or tablet, and record them! Write about your daily observations in a journal. Keeping a journal is a great way to get started on your writing journey. If you find a topic particularly interesting, take your writing a step further: turn it into a blog. If you need a little help getting started with either, check out these posts: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com and lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com.


Go Hiking

A hobby should be a fun way to engage your interests and make you happy! Many ladies I know love to hike and explore - me included. Hiking is a free and easy hobby that you can start right now, today. Get out, get moving, and enjoy the fresh air. Hiking helps me focus my thoughts and clear my mind. It is also a wonderful way to get a workout. If you choose this hobby be sure to carry water and stay hydrated.


Explore the Urban Jungle

This is a fascinating hobby that I've only recently learned of, and one that you have probably already engaged without knowing. It seems I certainly have. Fantastic! Do you live in an interesting area? Head out and explore the city, town, village, wherever it is that you live. Visit places new and old. Learn more about the area and photograph your experience. Who knows, you may find enough material to start a blog about your adventure. Be sure to travel smart and be safe in your exploration.


Explore Your History

People all over the world are interested in their family origins. They take that interest and turn it into a hobby of genealogy research. You can, too. If you are interested in your family history then this might be the hobby for you. Check out the tips in our post: lifestyle.allwomenstalk.com. Tracing your family tree can be fun and rewarding.


Try Photography

Whenever I hear that someone has a photography hobby I imagine big, fancy camera equipment. I also think it sounds a little expensive. However, that isn't always necessarily true. There are many options for taking photos and printing and sharing them - like your smart phone, for instance. There are many smart phone apps for snapping, editing, and sharing photographs. Many of these apps are free!

There are many hobbies that are pretty easy to start today, tomorrow, anytime. Do you have a hobby? We’d love to hear all about it. Please, share!

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