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By the time the weekend arrives it feels like there are millions of things to do on your day off. Unfortunately, most people’s weekends are only two days long and it’s usually not enough time to get everything done. Instead, you need to pick what’s high priority on your list of things to do. If you don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions for things to do on your day off.

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Organize Your Closet

Cleaning your closet might be one of the things to do on your day off if time permits. Throughout the week your closet may start to become disorganized. In between deciding on what to wear to the office and deciding what to wear to dinner, things are bound to get disheveled. Taking time to separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes will help you be better prepared for the upcoming work week. Plus, a thorough cleaning of your closet may result in you finding old clothes you’ve forgotten about or would like to donate.


Organize Your Desk

Take time to organize your desk. Although it may seem tedious and boring, organizing your desk is a must – you never want to forget about a bill that needs to be paid or lose important paperwork. Nothing is worse than having something important due but not being able to find it under a pile of loose papers and garbage.


Rest up

Fatigue is a sign that you’ve worked hard this week! Now that the weekend is upon you, it’s time to rest your mind and body. Take a couple of hours to do what relaxes you the most such as taking a stroll, painting your nails or watching a movie.


Prepare Meals

During the week it might be tempting to order takeout or to eat out. With that being said, the weekend is the perfect time to prepare a meal plan for the week. Do your grocery shopping accordingly and even prepare your meals in advance! Taking time to do so will benefit your health and wallet since you won’t be tempted to eat packaged or restaurant food as much. In addition, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the week.


Take Care of Your Appearance

There’s too many things to worry about during the week so your appearance, understandably, might be the least of your worries. On your days off pamper yourself by doing some at-home grooming such as taking care of facial hair, maintenance of teeth and skin, and even going the extra mile and giving yourself a little mani-pedi or whatever makes you feel good. Who says a working woman can’t be smart and beautiful at the same time?


Make Time for Friends

The week was long and you need to vent or laugh it off. Who else is better to turn to than your friends and family? Schedule a lunch date with the girls or visit your parents for dinner. Don’t be so busy catching up on your chores that you forget to catch up with your friends and family – after all, they are the most important thing in your life!


Take Care of Your Mental and Emotional Health

By the time the weekend rolls around you might be feeling frustrated, stressed or emotional. The most important way to deal with your mental health is by scheduling time for yourself – do what matters to you like hobbies, reading or writing, or just spending the day by yourself. Nothing will prepare you for the next work week than sorting out your feelings and thoughts.

The weekend can be the best part of the week but can sometimes be the most daunting too when you think about everything you have to get done. The best thing you can do to make sure you have a fun, but equally productive, weekend is to schedule your time. You’ll find a day planner will help you during both the weekdays and the weekends. How do you spend your days off?

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