7 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Spend Time with Your Family ...


7 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Spend Time with Your Family ...
7 Fun and Fabulous Ways to Spend Time with Your Family ...

When it comes to the weekend, going on vacation, or just being stuck home for any circumstance, there are so many entertaining and enjoyable ways to spend time with your family. If you feel like lazing around there is always the TV show marathon option, if you’re an active family then a bike ride is always open for discussion, and if you’re a foodie family, then resort to baking and trying some new recipes. Family is one of the most important aspects of my life so quality time is a must. There are a bunch of amusing and engaging ways to spend time with your family.

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Board Games

The great thing about investing and playing board games is that the options are endless. Board games are multiplayer games and most are age appropriate for all ages. Some games are even team games so that you and your family can pair up and compete. Some favorites and classics include Candy Land, Sorry!, Operation, Chutes and Ladders, Scrabble, and Battleship. Between playing Sorry!, “the game of sweet revenge”, and Operation, the “silly skill game”, there is a board game for each and every family. Playing board games are one of the many fun ways to spend time with your family.



Whether you and your family members are beginner or expert bakers, it’s always fun to bake and taste test your finishing product, even if it does wind up in the garbage. Try baking your favorite cake, a batch of cupcakes, cookies, or even a pie. If the sweets don’t entice you, try cooking a meal! As a beginner, try chicken cutlets or a simple pasta dish. There are numerous, easy-to-follow recipes that can be found online. As an expert, pick your favorite dish and give each family member a job to help complete the meal. That way everyone is involved! It will be fun for all.



Even though neither I nor my family have voices like Beyonce, we like to belt some tunes every once in awhile. It’s a fun and silly activity that will put a smile on each and every face. If there’s a karaoke bar nearby, then make a production out of it and go; if not, there’s always the option of buying a karaoke machine to hookup to the TV or the much simpler option, Youtube. This activity is for all ages. Everyone has a favorite musical artist or song that can be constantly heard from the shower or the car. Well bring the talent from the shower or the car into a karaoke bar or the living room.



One of the cozier options is to have a movie marathon day with the family and just laze around. Although not the most social or active activity, it’s one of the best and perfect for a rainy or snowy day. Break out the goodies and popcorn and pop in a movie or rent one off Netflix. It may take a few trailers to decide on a film that everyone will agree on if you’re turning to Netflix, but when you’re spending quality time with the family, a few trailers are no big deal. I personally love just cuddling and catching up on my movies with my family in the living room.


Outside Activities

If the sun is shining high and the temperature permits, try getting outside. Bring out a basketball to shoot hoops with, or a soccer ball to kick around, head to the park, go for a walk; going outside leads to endless options. If you live near a park, pack a picnic basket filled with some cool drinks, delicious sandwiches, some of your favorite munchies, and games to play and head out with the family. If you live near a beach, pack a beach bag with buckets and shovels to have a sandcastle contest, volleyball to throw around, and towels to go swimming. If the sun is out, you and your family should be too!



As you and your family get older, stress levels increase and what better way to release stress than a relaxing manicure, pedicure, massage, and/or facial. Getting pampered and relaxing at a spa with your family members is a great way to bond in a soothing environment. Spas are known for their stress-free environment. It’s an effective place to fill your family in and update them on what has been going on in life. Life can get crazy so there needs to be time to just focus on you and your family. You and your family deserve to get spoiled with each other every now and then.



This is for all of the competitive families out there that are looking to have some fun together. Bowling is such a fun sport to partake in with the family. Bowling is for all levels and ages. If you need bumpers, there are bumpers, if you need a light bowling ball or a heavy bowling ball, you’ll be able to find the ball that fits you. All you need is yourself, your family, a pair of closed-toe shoes, and a bowling alley. Normally bowling alleys have some arcade games, a typical American geared menu, filled with options such as nachos and mozzarella sticks, and a cocktail menu for the older family members.

My family and I are always looking for fun options when we want to spend some quality time together besides sitting around the kitchen table for meals. There are so many ways to spend time with your family other than eating meals. Everyone has a busy schedule so find the time and pick an activity that the whole family will enjoy. There are so many choices ranging from attending sporting events with the family to visiting your favorite museum or mall. What are your favorite ways to spend time with your family?

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