What Your Zodiac Sign Really Wants for Christmas ...


What Your Zodiac Sign Really Wants for Christmas ...
What Your Zodiac Sign Really Wants for Christmas ...

One of the major elements of Christmas tradition is the giving and receiving of gifts, but despite the best efforts of your friend and loved ones, you don’t always end up getting what you truly want! In fact, it might even be a case of you not even knowing what you want deep down inside. Why don’t you let astrology take over and do some of the work for you? Here is what you really want for Christmas according to your zodiac sign.

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All you really want for Christmas is to keep things low key. You have had a super busy year, and would love to just spend this time off on the couch with a nice bottle of wine and some Christmas movies!



You wouldn’t mind some alone time this Christmas. You are the person that everybody comes to for help and advice all year long, so by the end of December, some nice bath salts, candles, and a full tub are what you wish for.



Christmas gifts can only ever mean one thing to you, and that is books! Your dream is for every single person you know to gift you best sellers, so you can set up a little library for yourself for the year ahead.



What you wish for most is a getaway to some far-flung corner of the world where you can forget about all of your normal responsibilities!



You don’t mind what you get, as long as it is classed as luxury! You’re not ashamed to say that you like to be pampered and treated like a princess!



What you want most for Christmas is to be able to eat and drink all of the treats that you want, without putting on any of those extra festive pounds. There’s no harm in dreaming, right?!



More than anything, what you would like for Christmas is for no political arguments to break out over the dinner table!



The gift you look forward to most every Christmas is the gift of gossip that you get from all of your cousins and other family members that you haven’t seen for a while!



You thrive on adventure, so your biggest Christmas wish is some cash that you can then spend on travelling throughout the year.



Your biggest gift wish this year, as it is every year, is just to have all of your family around you and to be happy and healthy.



You’re not ashamed to say that you love gift vouchers! They suit your personality better because you get to pick the items that you end up with.



One word, booze! You fancy yourself a bit of a cocktail expert, and you rely on Christmas gifts for stocking up your bar for the rest of the year!

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