The Secret Wants and Needs of Each Zodiac Sign ...


The Secret Wants and Needs of Each Zodiac Sign ...
The Secret Wants and Needs of Each Zodiac Sign ...

What are the wants and needs of each zodiac sign? The beautiful thing about humanity is that every single person in the world is different. They have different likes and dislikes, attitudes and opinions and values and morals, and it’s all of these different elements that knit the great tapestry of human society. However, if you believe in the wonders of astrology, then you will also be aware that certain traits can be identified based solely on the month in which you were born! One of these traits is the wants and needs of a person, so here are the wants and needs of each zodiac sign.

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More than anything else in the world, you want to win, and what you need in order to achieve this is a varied and exciting daily routine.



You want to be able to do things in your own time and have peace and quiet, and it’s important to recognise that you need a space in which you can vent your anger in a healthy way.



You don’t like to be held back and want to express all of your emotions all of the time, but what you really need it to slow down and try to live life in a slightly more casual way.



You want all of the material comforts that you can get your hands on, and deep down you need someone who will sit with you and be a good listener.



You, more than anything, want to be remembered as the life and soul of the party when really what you need is to be able to love yourself without seeking the flattery of others.



You constantly want to prove your natural intelligence to those around you, but you also need to admit when you need help from external sources.



You are peaceful and want everybody to get along in your social circles, but what you actually need to do is start cutting toxic people out of your life.



You want more than anything to give a good first impression to everyone that you meet, and you need to admit that you can be wrong sometimes, and that that’s okay!



What you really want in life is to be praised and admired by all, and what you need is to find a perfect balance between business and leisure.



You have a tendency to want to play it safe in all areas of life, but what you really need is to take risks more often.



You want to be as unique and independent as possible, but on the other hand, you also need to have a great support system in place.



You have always wanted a traditional knight in shining armour to come along and sweep you off your feet, but it’s also important to recognise that what you need is to be able to stand on your own two feet and be independent as well.

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