What People Want to Change Most about You According to Your Zodiac ...


Some people follow their zodiac sign religiously while others don't put any stock into astrology at all! Wherever you fall, we can all agree that it's fun to know our signs and what they represent. And even if it's just for fun, more often then not they are fairly accurate! If you want to know the somewhat negative side to your astrological sign and what people want to change most about you, keep reading! ✨✨✨

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Capricorn-Selfishness ♑️

It's not a bad thing to take care of yourself and your needs! But, being selfish is another thing entirely and putting your needs first always, can cause those you love to see you as selfish. Compromise instead!


Aquarius-Moodiness ♒️

We all have moody moments but for an Aquarius, those moments are more frequent! Your emotional instability can leave people blindsided. Focus on stabilizing your moods through different outlets- meditating, exercise, deep breathing, etc.


Pisces-Flakiness ♓️

You lack dependability and tend to cancel plans at the last minute. You aren't super reliable and often are late or don't show up at all to social gatherings. Flakiness is rough in relationships so really take notice if this is you!


Aires- Expectations ♈️

Another word for this would be perfectionism! Because of your drive, passion, and high standards for success, people don't care for the pressure that's placed on them to suceed. Expect high things of yourself but leave others to their own goals.


Taurus-Stubbornness ♉️

Friends are the backbone of life and living a happy existence. Don't be so stubborn that you're unwilling to meet people where they're at. In other words, be flexible!


Gemini-Friendliness ♊️

Being outgoing and friendly is definitely a good thing! However, when it takes away your quality time with friends and family, it might be time to refocus your attention. When you're with people you care about, fully engage with them!


Cancer- Silence ♋️

Your introverted self causes you to be silent when something's bothering you. You don't need to be an open book but you should let those who are close to you know how you're feeling! Everyone appreciates honesty.


Leo-Dominance ♌️

Dominance can also lead to arrogance. You might not actually BE arrogant, but your dominance, ability to lead, and assurance of self is overshadowing everyone else! Keep others in mind when you're leading.


Virgo-Indifference ♍️

Your indifference towards people is causing a rift in your relationships! Call it aloofness, and it's totally unintentional, but how you carry yourself comes off as cold and closed-off! Let your caring side show instead.


Libra-Diplomacy ♎️

Others may see it as a downfall and you might see it as being a peacemaker- but the truth is, being overly PC or polite is causing people to see you as disingenuous and untrustworthy! Being easy going all the time has its negatives.


Scorpio-Arrogance ♏️

Arrogance and confidence are tricky things! Your confident nature and intelligence, which are both awesome character traits, can come across as arrogant! So be careful as to not flaunt your knowledge and success.


Sagittarius- Unwariness ♐️

You are trustworthy person by nature, even towards those you don't know well! This lack of fear and being open to people can get you into trouble, especially when it's the wrong type of people you're trusting!

I know these all sound a little negative, but take it as you will and simply be aware of anything that may strain your relationships! We can all use a little guidance and awareness of our actions once in a while. 💫💗

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