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Your Leadership Style According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Ever wondered about your leadership style according to your zodiac sign? You might not necessarily believe it, but even the shyest and most unassuming person in the world has the potential to be a great leader. We all know those confident and assured people who seem to effortlessly be able to take control of a situation, but not all individuals need the centre stage in order to achieve a group goal! Followers of astrology strongly believe that every aspect of your character can be determined and highlighted depending on the month that you were born. Let’s give it a try, shall we? Here is your leadership style according to your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You are confident and feisty, which means that you are always the first person to make a group suggestion. People naturally follow your headstrong lead.

2 Taurus

You are strong and reliable, and your leadership approach paints you much more in the role of a fixer. People come to you because they know you will have a good idea.


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3 Gemini

Your leadership stems from the fact that you are an effortless and confident talker. You can hold court on just about anything, and your vocal presence creates a natural fan base.

4 Cancer

You are much more heart over head, so you have no choice but to lead with your emotions. This can be very charismatic and touching, but it can also get you into trouble sometimes!

5 Leo

Your life of the party charisma is your secret to great leadership. You can pretty much get people to do anything for you, which is fine if you are being mature, but can be dangerous if put to negative use!

Scorpio Good luck getting aScorpio to do whatever you want...

6 Virgo

You are a lover of structure and systems, so your leadership style is very much about making sure that everything is defined and organized. You can turn a chaotic situation into a calm one in an instant.

7 Libra

You are motivated by balance and justice, so your leadership style will always be about finding the fairest outcome in any situation.

8 Scorpio

You have a magnetic kind of intensity that makes you a striking presence. A lot of your leadership relies on the fact that people are a little bit intimidated by you!

Scorpio Scorpios make good leaders because of their convic...

9 Sagittarius

You are a natural born risk taker, so whilst your leadership style might not be classed as traditional, it certainly is exciting! You aren’t afraid to make big decisions based on small facts.

10 Capricorn

You are a patient and disciplined person, which makes you the best fit for a traditional type of leadership role. You give everyone a chance to express themselves, but they also understand that your say is final.

11 Aquarius

You are somebody who is always thinking of others before yourself, so your leadership style is very inclusive of everyone and their individual concerns. You always push for an overall group decision to be made.

12 Pisces

You are a naturally dreamy and gentle person, and your leadership has a lot of sensitivity to it. You never come across as harsh or mean, but you always seem to be able to get your way!

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