Totally Cool Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Friends ...


Totally Cool Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Friends ...
Totally Cool Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Friends ...

Traditionally, Christmas has always been a time that is spent with family, traveling back to your hometown to spend some quality time with your parents and other assorted family members for an extended period of time at the end of each year. But maybe this year, you're looking for ways to celebrate Christmas with friends.

Though family and loved ones are the ones that come first and foremost during the festive period, it can also be the case that you want to do something special with your chosen family, that is to say, your friends. To make your ‘Friendmas’ something special and different to your usual family Christmas, why not try out some of these cool ways to celebrate Christmas with friends? It might become a new tradition!

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Decorate a Tree Together

christmas tree, tree, christmas, christmas decoration, home, Christmas tree decorating is usually something that families do together, but it can be fun to choose a particular friend’s place and all get together to decorate that tree together. You can make a great playlist and have a few glasses of wine each. It will really get you into the festive spirit and excited about decorating your own tree back at home! This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate Christmas with friends.


Make Cookies

hair, girl, fashion, socialite, audience, Have a fun Christmas baking session together, making lots of festive cookies that you can decorate in a seasonal fashion and then hand out to the people in your life. That is if there are actually any left by the end of the day!


Holiday Catch up

television program, product, girl, recreation, event, Set a date with all of your closet friends to get back together after Christmas day so that you can catch up and debrief about all of the insane things that happened at your family home. There are always plenty of stories to tell!


Secret Santa

santa claus, fictional character, christmas, event, fur, Secret Santa is the perfect thing to do between friends because you can set a cheap budget and it ensures that everybody ends up with a gift of some sort. It’s cheap and cheerful and a great appetizer before the main Christmas event.


Movie Marathon

, Get together with your pals and bring along a few of your favorite Christmas movies to binge. If you want to add an adult edge to it, then you can always come up with a few fun drinking games to play as you watch!


Gingerbread House Competition

food, cuisine, eating, meal, It’s easy to find plenty of inexpensive gingerbread house kits, and they can provide a really fun activity to compete against your friends in building and decorating the best one. That friend can then have the gingerbread crown until next Christmas comes around!


Visit a Christmas Market

snow, winter, cross country skiing, winter sport, ski equipment, At this time of the year, you are never too far away from a beautiful Christmas market, and these markets make for the perfect place to visit with your best friends to really get into the festive mood. You can pig out on seasonal treats and get tipsy on mulled wine, enjoying one another’s company before you split off into your family groups!

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