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Perfect Things to do when You're Lonely ...

By Leiann

Are you trying to find some things to do when you're feeling lonely? Sometimes, being alone is not all that bad. We need to take care of ourselves physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. It does not take a whole lot of money, either. Appreciating the little things is sometimes all it takes. Here are some great things to do when you're feeling lonely.

1 Movie Marathon

Make some popcorn, add your own creative toppings and have your own movie marathon.

2 Listen to Music

Listen to an entire CD without doing anything else. Create playlists for all of your different moods. For example, use Pandora, Spotify or I heart radio.


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3 Shop Your Closet

Rearrange your wardrobe and find forgotten clothes.

4 Clean, Organize and Declutter Your Home

Do this one room at a time and you'll feel a lot more control over your life.

5 Write a Note

Send a handwritten letter to a family member, friend or lover.

6 Journal

Write down dreams, intentions, and things you'd like to do.

7 Have a Warm Drink

Sip on a cup of coffee or tea and look out the window.

8 Go Online

Catch up on your favorite social media or do some shopping.

9 Study for Free

Search "free online courses" on Pinterest where there are plenty to choose from. For example,

10 Create a Vision Board

While doing so, you are focused on presenting your sparkly future in a visually appealing manner.

11 Read a Book

Snuggle in a cozy spot and forget about the chaos of the day.

12 Cook a New Recipe

Everyone enjoys a tasty meal, right?

13 Start a New Fitness Routine

Exercise is a great way to get yourself in shape and mett new people.

14 Clip Coupons

It's something to do and will save you loads of money.

15 Hobbies

Begin a new hobby or work on a present hobby.

16 Look for Pen Pals

Even if they aren't close to you, it's nice to have a friend you can correspond with.

17 Indulge in Some Selfies

Dress up in your favorite outfit then click until you get it right.

18 Update Your Resume

A new job is exciting and will expose you to new people.

19 Do a Good Deed

Nothing feels better than giving someone else a helping hand.

20 Do Adult Coloring

Studies show that adults who color have less stress.

21 Take a Siesta

A nap is never a bad idea.

22 Make a to-do List

This will help you decide what you're going to do going forward.

23 Watch YouTube Videos

They're funny!

24 Give Yourself a Manicure

Fun, right?

25 Get Rid of Outdated Food, Medicine, and Make-up

You don't need it cluttering up your life anymore.

26 Start a Side Hustle

Meet new people and make some extra cash.

27 Start a Blog

It's such a fun way to interact with other people.

28 Treat Yourself to Something Nice at a Thrift Store

You never know what you're going to find.

Does loving yourself seem so bad after having read these tips? What good will you be to your loved ones if you don't? You are not being selfish.

Also, by practicing self-love, you are not being lazy. You are being productive.

So, give yourself a hug and say, "I'm worth it"!


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