10 Simple Pleasures That Are Extremely Satisfying ...


10 Simple Pleasures That Are Extremely Satisfying ...
10 Simple Pleasures That Are Extremely Satisfying ...

Wouldn't you agree that there are just some simple pleasures we all love? The human brain is interesting, some of the most uncommon things can be so pleasing. Here is a list I’ve compiled of things that are extremely satisfying to me. I think you'll agree that these are all simple pleasures we all love.

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New Makeup

Opening and applying a new makeup product has got to be one of my favorite simple pleasures we all love. Even if it’s one you’ve used before, getting a brand new one reminds you how much you love it and how well it works.


A Parcel Arrives

Nothing beats coming home and seeing a box on your front porch. And who could forget the satisfaction of opening it and receiving your long-awaited goodies?


Face Cleansing

Peeling off a face mask is so great. Seeing all the stuff that comes from your pores is both disgusting and satisfying in one.


Letting Your Hair down

Don't you love taking your hair down after a long day wearing a ponytail? We all know the perfect ponytail makes your scalp sore. Beauty is pain, right?


Getting into Bed

Shaved legs+Clean sheets= Heaven. Shaving your legs is satisfying in itself, but adding the smooth freshness of a clean set of sheets ties it all together.


Quenching a Thirst

The first sip of soda when you’re really, really thirsty is fantastic. You know the feeling, a hot day, maybe you’ve been at practice. You crack open a soda and the first sip touches your soul.



Don' you love finding money in birthday cards? Spring cleaning can take an amazing turn when you read through your old birthday cards, and find the 10 dollar bill your grandma gave you last year.


Perfect Pout

Applying your lipstick perfectly on the first try is awesome. I’ve always wished I could just swipe it on effortlessly like the girls I see on Instagram, so when I get it right the first time, it’s a good feeling.


Taking off Makeup

Taking off your makeup after a long day is super satisfying. No matter how fierce you feel in full glam, everyone loves clean skin. Wiping the makeup off and seeing it on the cotton pad is oddly satisfying.


It's Not Time to Get up Yet

Nothing beats waking up and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep. This one is one of my favorites; we could all use more sleep.

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