15 Kids πŸ‘§ Games 🎲 That Are Fun πŸ€— to Play as an Adult πŸ‘© ...


Think back to your childhood days in the school playground, to all of those different games that you used to play with your friends. Why did we ever stop playing them? The one thing that children have over adults is that they know how to have a good time without the pressure of things like sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Don’t you wish sometimes that you could go back to those simple times every now and then (of course, I’m not saying that a little sexiness can’t come in to it at times!)? Well here’s the thing, you can! And there's an added bonus. Some of these games definitely count as exercise! So what’s stopping you? Here are fifteen kids games that are fun to play as an adult.

1. Hide and Seek

This game is even more fun when you are an adult, because you are so much bigger and have to come up with even more inventive hiding places!