10 Great Ways to Spend Christmas if You're Alone ...


10 Great Ways to Spend Christmas if You're Alone ...
10 Great Ways to Spend Christmas if You're Alone ...

When it comes to Christmas, the usual image that comes to people’s minds is big families coming together and celebrating as a large group, but for one reason or another, that isn’t always the case. Some people don’t get to spend the holidays with their families, some people choose not to, whatever the circumstances might be, the fact remains that you are left with no concrete plan for December 25th! Here are ten great ways to spend Christmas if you are alone.

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Get outside

Most attractions are closed on Christmas Day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to say indoors and be bored. Use the day to get out in nature if the weather is agreeable; it’s one of the best times to stroll through a local park because not many people will be about.


Catch up

Use the day to be comfortable on the couch and catch up with some of the stuff you have missed in the busy work year. Watch some of the best movies, binge some of the best shows, read one of the best books!



Busy your mind and take the thoughts of being lonely on the 25th out of your head by getting on with the pesky like admin that you have been putting off. It provides a distraction and then also makes you feel good when you know you’ve crossed it off your list.



Get out of the house and spend time volunteering to give back to those in need. It lets you be around grateful people all day long, and gives you a wonderful sense of achievement whilst being able to better the lives of others.



You never have to be alone when you have the internet in your pocket! Spend a guilt free day browsing to your heart’s content, something that you wouldn’t be able to do if you were forced to make small talk with Aunt Debbie!

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Be proactive in shaking off those Christmas cobwebs by getting out of the house and going for a brisk winter run. The endorphins will make you feel really good and you will have some leeway to indulge in a few treats later on.



If you don’t have to cook for anyone, then don’t bother messing up your kitchen! Head out to a nice local restaurant and enjoy a delicious Christmas meal for one with no fear of washing up.



If you are into photography and want some cool shots to add to your Instagram, then head out and take advantage of the deserted streets!


Summer Drinks

Turn your home in to a beach bar by enjoying all of the classic summery drinks like Malibu and Sex On The Beach! Who says you have to do the traditional Christmas things!?


Carry on

If you want to forget about Christmas Day altogether, then there is nothing to stop you from carrying on with your day in a completely normal way! Take a work shift if that is an option, if not, do something to work from home!

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