50 Fun Activities to do This Fall ...

By Rachelle

50 Fun  Activities to do This Fall  ...

Fall is all about the change of weather, leaves turning to different colors, and getting all wrapped up with layers of clothes. To celebrate fall, here are 50 fun activities you can do to get you in the season. So get ready to bundle up because fall is here!

Table of contents:

  1. go apple picking
  2. bake an apple pie
  3. drink hot spice cider
  4. carve a pumpkin
  5. jump in a pile of leaves
  6. head to a pumpkin patch
  7. bob for apples
  8. go to a corn maze
  9. nibble some corn on the cob
  10. get spooked in a haunted house
  11. make your own halloween costume
  12. make halloween treats
  13. make pumpkin pie treats
  14. make homemade caramel apples
  15. roast pumpkin seeds
  16. go trick or treating
  17. hand candies to children during halloween
  18. re-watch your favorite scary movie on halloween
  19. throw a halloween party
  20. color your hair one shade darker
  21. indulge yourself in drinking a hot pumpkin spice latte
  22. get cozy and read
  23. explore fall colors
  24. shopping spree
  25. decorate!
  26. make thanksgiving crafts
  27. settle in for a movie
  28. flavor everything pumpkin
  29. layer your clothes
  30. pick fall flowers
  31. soup it up
  32. tell spooky tales by the fire
  33. play a game of football
  34. go camping
  35. go hiking
  36. make a scarecrow
  37. make homemade or stove-top popcorn
  38. eat some persimmons
  39. complete an autumn craft
  40. plant fall flowers
  41. host a backyard bonfire
  42. knit a fall scarf
  43. eat a slice of warm pumpkin bread
  44. take a hot air balloon ride
  45. rent a cabin in the mountains
  46. take a drive in the country
  47. borrow a book from the library
  48. breathe in the cool crisp air
  49. start christmas shopping
  50. throw a themed party!

1 Go Apple Picking

tree, plant, branch, christmas decoration, grass, Harvesting apples is fun. They're delicious and yet, oh so nutritious!

2 Bake an Apple Pie

cartoon, painting, art, fiction, mural, What’s better than to bake a pie or two? Their aroma is what gets you in the season!

3 Drink Hot Spice Cider

car, family car, photography, automotive design, vehicle door, Nothing beats an old hot apple cider during the cold crisp weather.

4 Carve a Pumpkin

cartoon, orange, art, play, illustration, There’s no holiday spirit without carving your own pumpkin!

5 Jump in a Pile of Leaves

mammal, vertebrate, tree, primate, jungle, It may sound silly, but we’re all still kids at heart!

6 Head to a Pumpkin Patch

flower, ecosystem, flowering plant, orange, plant, A pumpkin patch is the perfect place to take some great fall pictures surrounded by tons of pumpkins, of course!

7 Bob for Apples

tree, plant, recreation, garden, picnic, Try it! It may not look easy as it seems.

8 Go to a Corn Maze

cartoon, yellow, mammal, vertebrate, art, Get lost if you want to, it’s a maze after all.

9 Nibble Some Corn on the Cob

cartoon, vertebrate, art, fiction, illustration, Who doesn’t like to eat a corn on the cob?! They’re the best!

10 Get Spooked in a Haunted House

event, night, darkness, facial hair, performance, Bring a friend with you if you’re too scared.

11 Make Your Own Halloween Costume

human hair color, ear, girl, organ, brown hair, Be a vampire, lion, princess, or anything else that embodies the holiday spirit!

12 Make Halloween Treats

food, vegetarian food, dessert, dish, recipe, You can save a lot more money if you can make your own.

13 Make Pumpkin Pie Treats

cuisine, food, dish, baking, There’s nothing more without some real pumpkin pie treats! Ooh la la!

14 Make Homemade Caramel Apples

fruit, food, candy apple, dessert, They’re so fun and easy to do!

15 Roast Pumpkin Seeds

food, winter squash, dish, There are a lot of recipes for roasting pumpkin seeds. Make sure to pick the ones you crave the most.

16 Go Trick or Treating

clothing, textile, dress, outerwear, material, If you’re truly a kid at heart you might as well go trick or treating with your young friends.

17 Hand Candies to Children during Halloween

cartoon, games, mammal, vertebrate, fiction, If you’re more of a type to sit down and relax during the cold night, then giving candies to children is still the best way to get into the spirit.

18 Re-watch Your Favorite Scary Movie on Halloween

sitting, Dracula, Frankenstein, Halloween—they're all great classic movies to watch. So prepare to be scared!

19 Throw a Halloween Party

vampire, zombie, mime artist, performing arts, fictional character, Invite your friends or the whole neighborhood if you want to! Let’s get the party started!

20 Color Your Hair One Shade Darker

hair, face, human hair color, nose, hairstyle, Its fall everyone! So it’s time to get your hair colored to one shade darker while the weather gets colder.

21 Indulge Yourself in Drinking a Hot Pumpkin Spice Latte

hair, mammal, human hair color, blond, girl, The pumpkin spice lattes are out this season! So start drinking and indulging yourself with this special drink before it’s gone.

22 Get Cozy and Read

human hair color, blond, girl, long hair, brown hair, Nothing can beat a cozy blanket over a good book.

23 Explore Fall Colors

nature, tree, autumn, woody plant, leaf, Take a walk outside to see the beautiful change of colors in the leaves.

24 Shopping Spree

friendship, human behavior, photo caption, girl, fun, Fall is here! So why not shop for fall clothes to stay in style.

25 Decorate!

nature, autumn, leaf, girl, tree, Decorate for Fall and the coming of the holidays!

26 Make Thanksgiving Crafts

food, flower, fun, toy, play, Put your favorite art pieces around the house.

27 Settle in for a Movie

hair, blond, human hair color, beauty, girl, Watch the latest movie in the theater or at home.

28 Flavor Everything Pumpkin

face, nose, head, forehead, photo caption, Whether it’s pumpkin spice latte or homemade pumpkin pie, your options are not limited to flavoring anything pumpkin!

29 Layer Your Clothes

room, boutique, shoulder, closet, outerwear, It’s getting a lot colder outside. So start layering your clothes this season!

30 Pick Fall Flowers

flower, flowering plant, yellow, gerbera, plant, Give it to anyone or decorate it in the house.

31 Soup It up

dish, cuisine, food, soup, gravy, Eating soup is good for the soul. So soup it up!

32 Tell Spooky Tales by the Fire

vertebrate, pink, performance, organism, stage, Gather around the campfire with your friends while telling some spooky tales.

33 Play a Game of Football

player, games, fan, muscle, product, Who doesn’t love a game of football during fall?

34 Go Camping

event, drama, tradition, performing arts, performance, Bring your friends with you!

35 Go Hiking

nature reserve, wilderness, jungle, path, tree, Go out for an adventure!

36 Make a Scarecrow

vertebrate, plant, recreation, grass, screenshot, Who said it has to be scary?

37 Make Homemade or Stove-top Popcorn

eyebrow, nose, chin, lip, black hair, Put your favorite seasoning on top and eat away!

38 Eat Some Persimmons

green, cartoon, plant, leaf, illustration, Try to eat all the holiday fruits that are in season.

39 Complete an Autumn Craft

mason jar, orange, lighting, still life photography, Make your own candle at home or any fall holiday craft!

40 Plant Fall Flowers

plant, flower, garden, ecosystem, flora, Plant some flowers in your backyard during this season.

41 Host a Backyard Bonfire

night, fire, campfire, bonfire, darkness, Have fun getting warmed up in the bonfire.

42 Knit a Fall Scarf

performance, stage, performing arts, product, event, Let your creativity shine!

43 Eat a Slice of Warm Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin bread, banana bread, beer bread, treacle tart, baked goods, Eat a slice or two or eat all of it if you have to!

44 Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air ballooning, hot air balloon, leisure, balloon, amusement park, Try this out and cross it off your bucket list!

45 Rent a Cabin in the Mountains

home, hut, log cabin, shack, cottage, Go out for an adventure in the mountains or the woods with your friends!

46 Take a Drive in the Country

car, water, vehicle, girl, Road trip everyone!

47 Borrow a Book from the Library

library, art, Read a good book during the cold weather.

48 Breathe in the Cool Crisp Air

girl, black hair, product, long hair, smile, Breathe in. Breathe out.

49 Start Christmas Shopping

, The earlier the better!

50 Throw a Themed Party!

costume, fan convention, cosplay, A little celebration doesn’t hurt.

Happy Fall!

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