9 Fun Ways to Stay Entertained when Bored


9 Fun  Ways to Stay Entertained when Bored
9 Fun  Ways to Stay Entertained when Bored

We all need some fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. Getting bored is never enjoyable, but having some tricks up your sleeve will give you something to do when you're without entertainment. Any of these are sure to take you from bored to happy in no time at all. So without further ado, here are some of the best fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. There's a video at the end that shows you how to do everything on this list.

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Rainbow Palm

This is one of my favorite fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. Start by outlining your hand on a piece of paper. Draw a pattern of curves on each fingertip. In the video, she uses a different color for each curve, starting with pink, then purple, then yellow, then red and she repeats. A suggestion the YouTuber provides is to stay inside your outline you drew earlier. My suggestion, dab some glue where the fingernails would be and add glitter. Now your rainbow hand has fingernail polish.

Make the curves wider as you go, then once you reach the palm, join the four fingers to create a giant curve. Repeat this in alternating colors as you go, making an arch until you reach the bottom of the paper. And ta-da, Rainbow Palm!


Wax Hand

To make your wax hand, break candles into a bowl and be sure not to damage the wicks. You’ll need them for later. Be sure you have at least six candles and five wicks.

In the video, you are instructed to add broken, red wax crayons, but you can add any color crayons you want. Next, take a plastic glove and make little cuts on the tips. Afterwards, you’ll pass the wick through, making sure the wick is sticking out of the ends. Then you’ll tape the holes and tie the wicks at the bottom of the glove together.

Put the glove in a tall vase or glass, upside, and tape the end to secure it. Next, tape the ends of the wick to a wooden stick. Afterwards, melt the wax and the crayons in the microwave, and pour into the glove. Once cooled, remove the glove. Then the video suggests using a knife to add details, but that’s your choice if you want the hand to be that realistic.


Winter Scene in a Matchbox

To begin, color a box of matches with blue acrylic paint. Then color the inside of the box with a dark blue color. Next, draw a tiny house with a chimney and a few trees on a piece of paper. Color them in before cutting them out. Then draw a half moon on the inside of the box before taking pulled cotton balls, gluing them to the inside of the box to make snow drifts. Glue on the trees, then take more pulled cotton and make chimney smoke. Now glue the house to the box and add crushed foam plastic. On the cover box, write the word “winter” in white paint, draw a snowflake, if you like. Wait to dry, then assemble. Ta-da, Winter in a Box.


Moon Sand

You begin with eight parts flour (in the video, appears to be a cup), then add purple food coloring or the color of your choice. Add some baby oil before mixing together. Next, it is suggested you add glitter, but that is totally up to you. Mix again and enjoy!


Red Sand from Mars That is Waterproof

Take sand and spread evenly over a flat service. Then spray an even coat of red, waterproof shoe paint over the sand. Use a wooden stick to mix it up. Repeat until all the sand is evenly coated. Add sand to water and watch it sink. Then spoon out to reveal dry sand. Cool beans!


Painting with Your Feet

Fold a piece of bubble wrap in half and cut out two double soles. Then cut out a hole in the top part to put your foot in. Next, use a light to melt the edges. Now it’s time to try on your bubble shoes. Once on, apply paint to the bottom and go crazy on some poster board.


A Soft Creature

Take a large piece of faux fur and cut out two circles. Next, fold and sew them with the bottom side outward. Be sure to leave a little hole. Hot the glue the edges to secure it. Now turn it fluffy side out. Stick a funnel in the hole and add crushed foam plastic. Next, hot glue the hole. Afterwards, squeeze two hot glue circles onto baking paper. Then paint a vertical line down the middle with black acrylic paint. When dry, apply another hot glue coat. Now take the eyes off the paper and hot glue to your fur creature. In the video, the creature is named Sebastian, but you can name him whatever you want.


The Sparkly Banana

This is the part of the video I have been waiting for. First, you have to peel off the top half of the banana. Next, cover the peel with some napkins. Sprinkle the banana with edible glitter. (Yes, that’s a thing.) Rub it in, remove the napkin, and eat! Please, someone, do this and let me know how it tastes. 😊


DIY Soap

Pour over gelatin that’s in a bowl. Heat in a microwave, then add food coloring. Now add edible glitter and shampoo before mixing together. Pour the jelly into silicon molds. Refrigerate until hard. Now you have shiny and great smelling soap. Wow!

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