9 Fun 🤗 Ways to Stay Entertained 😁 when Bored 😑 AF ...

We all need some fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. Getting bored is never enjoyable, but having some tricks up your sleeve will give you something to do when you're without entertainment. Any of these are sure to take you from bored to happy in no time at all. So without further ado, here are some of the best fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. There's a video at the end that shows you how to do everything on this list.

1. Rainbow Palm

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This is one of my favorite fun ways to entertain yourself when bored. Start by outlining your hand on a piece of paper. Draw a pattern of curves on each fingertip. In the video, she uses a different color for each curve, starting with pink, then purple, then yellow, then red and she repeats. A suggestion the YouTuber provides is to stay inside your outline you drew earlier. My suggestion, dab some glue where the fingernails would be and add glitter. Now your rainbow hand has fingernail polish.

Make the curves wider as you go, then once you reach the palm, join the four fingers to create a giant curve. Repeat this in alternating colors as you go, making an arch until you reach the bottom of the paper. And ta-da, Rainbow Palm!

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