Life Changing Vintage Life Hacks You Can Still Apply to Life Today ...

By Neecey

Life Changing  Vintage Life Hacks  You Can Still Apply to Life  Today ...

"Hack" might have great prominence in the 21st as a term to describe a trick or tip to achieve a simpler, better or different way to do things, but humans have been "hacking" things for centuries. It's easy to poo-poo anything from pre-20th century as outdated but some things remain evergreen and relevant. Even things from as long ago as the 1900s. Back then, Gallaher- the cigarette company still in business today - used to add little postcards in their packets (as did other manufacturers) and it was quite a hobby to collect them. Mostly they were things you would expect in such collections but there was one set that featured what we today call hacks. Surprisingly, many of them are still useful. Check these out.

1 Got a Ring Stuck on Your Finger?

2 Are Your Boots Squeaking when You Walk?

3 Have You Dropped Something Glass and It's Broken?

4 Is Your Lobster Fresh?

5 Got Ink Stains on Your Hankie (or Anything else)?

6 Hate Messy Paintbrushes when You're Decorating?

7 Want to Know a Trick for Floury Dry Potatoes (great to then Roast)

8 Forgot to Put the Wine in the Fridge?

9 Are You Lost?

10 Want a Boiled Egg but the Only One Left is Cracked?

11 Oh No! Glass Tumblers Stuck Together?

12 Uh Oh! You've Got a Splinter

13 Got a Door That Rattles?

14 Candle Too Big for the Holder?

15 Is Cutting Thin Slices from a New Loaf of Bread Always a Struggle?

16 Shouldn't Everybody Need to Know How to Make a DIY Fire Extinguisher?

17 Need to Clean Some Bottles (for Whatever Reason)?

18 Got a Vase That Wobbles when You Put Flowers in It?

19 Something in Your Eye?

20 Do You Struggle to Light Matches?

21 Think You Can Smell Gas?

22 Is It Time to Clean Your New Boots/shoes?

23 Like Your Cut Flowers to Last Longer?

24 Shoes Too Loose?

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