7 Ways to Deal with Nosy Neighbors That Annoy You ...

You can deal with loud motorcycles on your street and kids selling everything under the sun at your door, but it’s not always easy to come up with ways to deal with nosy neighbors. If you have prying eyes and inappropriate questions coming at you from the houses next door or behind you, it’s time to take action. No one should have to feel uncomfortable in their own home, especially one you paid such a hefty price for. Use these easy ways to deal with nosy neighbors and you’ll solve the problem in no time.

1. Plant Bushes

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Seriously. Plant some bushes, trees or other foliage in your yard and in front of your windows to keep your nosy neighbors from peeking in, accidentally or on purpose. This tops my list of ways to deal with nosy neighbors because it’s fast, easy and gives you a quick solution while you figure out how to get the nosiness to stop. Plus, all those extra plants provide shade in the summer and look beautiful when spring comes.

2. Confront Them

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I’m not suggesting stomping through your neighbor's azaleas, pounding on their front door and physically assaulting them. No, that is in no way a good idea. Instead, call your nosy neighbors out next time you catch them in the act. Is the so-called kindly lady next door peeking in your windows or putting her eye against the hole in the fence to see what you’re doing? Maybe the man next door watches you as you put oil in your car. Look the neighbor straight in the eye and tell them you demand that they respect your privacy and expect them to stop such behaviors immediately.

3. Close the Door and Curtains

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If you don’t like confrontation, you can still let your nosy neighbor know you won’t put up with their behavior. Next time you see that you’re being watched or looked at, simply stare pointedly, then snap the curtains closed or slam the door. You might not feel that nice, but really, your neighbors should be minding their own business.

4. Be Extra Kind

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This is a great choice if you don’t like being rude, even if its deserved. Any time you catch your neighbor looking, simply smile, wave and say a cheerful hello. In many cases, nosy neighbors don’t want to interact, they only want to observe, so forcing that irritating lady behind you to converse might be enough to get her stop.

5. Walk Away

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If your nosy neighbor asks you a constant barrage of personal questions or pries into your life, the best thing to do is simply to ignore it. If the questions get to be too much, simply turn heel, go into your house, and shut the door. Just because you live next door to someone doesn’t mean you have to share information you don’t want to.

6. Get to Know Them

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You might not feel like it, but sometimes learning more about your nosy neighbors gives you the chance to form an acceptable relationship. Maybe the lady next door pops her head over the fence during your parties because she’s lonely and would like someone to spend time with. Maybe the guy across the street offers to help you out because he has a daughter who lives far away and hopes someone is doing the same for her. Learning more about the people on your street might result in friendships you wouldn’t expect.

7. Call the Authorities

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Let me be clear. This is not to be done just because your neighbors are annoying. However, if you get a creepy vibe, notice your neighbors sulking around your backyard, or they try to get in your house, whether you’re home or not, it’s probably time to report them to the police. If you feel that a neighbor is a threat to you or your home, the police can help you take action to make it stop.

Have you ever had an annoying neighbor? How did you deal with them?

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