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7 Ways to Reduce Your Anger and Avoid Snapping at Others ...

By Vladlena

Sometimes emotions get the best of us and we end up snapping at people around us only to realize, not too long after, that we were wrong, so in order to avoid that guilt that comes with rage here are 7 ways to reduce your anger. Anger is often a response to feelings of unhappiness or discomfort that arise from unpleasant circumstances. Sometimes that anger amplifies and affects the people around us in an unfair way. The only way to avoid spreading the negativity onto others is to learn ways to reduce your anger and control your emotions.

1 Think before You Speak

How many times have you hurt the people around you by snapping at them on impulse? You probably didn’t mean to and didn’t even want to, but your mouth got you into trouble. So if you find yourself in situations in which your mind lags behind your mouth, try to refrain from blurting out things that you would have to fix later on and think about the consequences beforehand. This trick will help you down the road and save you from explaining yourself to others. It’s one of the ways to reduce your anger and the anger of those around you.

2 Remove Yourself from the Situation

If you feel like there is no possible way you can hold in your feelings, the best thing to do would be to remove yourself from the situation. That means walking away and moving on with your day until you are ready to face the situation again in a calm manner. This way your problem won’t escalate and you won’t have to waste your energy on inconsequential things.

3 Think Your Responses through

There are many alternative ways to approach your temper and the anger-inciting situation. Think every possible solution through. You can either tell that person everything that is on your mind without holding back, let them know how you feel in a less intense manner, or just learn how to deal with it by yourself. Make sure that the response you choose is the best for you and has the least detrimental consequence.

4 Choose Your Battles

The only way you can keep your temper to a minimum is by picking your battles. If you tend to get outraged by the smallest things on a daily basis, you will get into a habit of uncontrollable anger, which is why it is important to let go of the battles that are not worth it. Knowing when to stop and when to work on a problem is more crucial than you realize. As you learn to focus on more serious problems and let go of the superficial annoyances, you will become less irritable and attract more positivity.

5 Exercise

If you want to work on your long-term anger management, studies have shown that exercise can reduce anger. Of course, riding a bike or hitting the gym will not dramatically change you into a mellow person, but it will help you control your emotions and mood swings. If you know you will enter a situation that will more than likely make you angry, go for a run first because you will not only get time to think about your situation but by the end of your exercise you will have a firmer hold on your feelings.

6 Try to Find Humor

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Although this line is now way too commonplace and overused, there is truth to it. The only way you can be okay with your situation is by shining some light on it and approaching it with humor. You are in charge of your interpretation and the more positivity you bring to your mind, the less space there would be for negative thoughts. So before you blow up on your loved one, try to find humor in the situation and you won’t realize that you have already let go of your anger.

7 Take Time out

I have to admit that some situations give rise to so much animosity that we often need more than a moment to deal with our feelings. And there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself to think about what you are feeling. So if you are in a moment of distress and confusion, do what makes you happy. For example take a walk in a park with your dog, submerge your mind in a book or dedicate some time toward crafting. The more preoccupied your mind is with other things, the more insignificant your anger will become.

Although it is often healthy to express your emotions to others, sometimes it doesn’t work in your favor. How many times can you really snap at others until it is no longer okay? If you have trying to limit your anger, hopefully these tips will help you control your actions. How do you deal with your anger? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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