7 Advantages of Being a Tech Geek ...


Technology seems to be viewed as a male subject rather then a human subject in today's world. There are a lot of negative stereotypes toward women who are considered to be "tech geeks" such as they are most likely ugly, overweight, or socially awkward. Well I'm here to set the record straight! I'd like to think I'm pretty, at a healthy weight, and a social butterfly but I still enjoy using and learning about technology! Here are 7 advantages of being a tech geek just to show everyone that being a "tech geek" is awesome!

1. Job Advantage

Knowing basic computer skills is a job necessity today. The more computer skills you have, the better equipped you will be in the work force. I can't tell you how many times co-workers have come to me asking for help with their computer. I also, find that because I have more computer knowledge then others, that my work tends to have a little something extra and I can complete a task in far less time. Knowing how to fix certain computer issues has saved my boss and I a lot of time by not having to wait for our company's tech support to come assist us which makes me feel like I'm an important asset to my department. Not to mention it helps me to show off my skills that will hopefully lead to a promotion someday!

Problem Solving
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