8 Awesome Advantages of Living Alone ...


8 Awesome Advantages of Living Alone ...
8 Awesome Advantages of Living Alone ...

There are numerous advantages of living alone, as many people will appreciate! The number of single-person households is rapidly growing, and although it can be solitary, it can also be a great way to live. Sometimes having other people around is not much fun! If you live on your own and you're not too happy with it, look for the benefits and you'll realise how lucky you are! So here are some of the great advantages of living alone …

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Peace & Quiet

Having shared space with some less than considerate roommates, for me one of the major advantages of living alone is the peace and quiet. I don't have to listen to other people coming and going, banging door, or playing music when I want to sleep. A quiet home is a happy one!


Live How You like

Living alone means that you can live exactly how you please. You don't have to adapt to anyone else's timetable. There is no sharing the bathroom, and therefore no waiting for someone else to shower when you're in a hurry. Plus nobody will complain about how you do things.


Your Choice of Décor

When you live on your own, you can decorate your home to your own tastes. You don't have to adapt or compromise, or put up with someone's terrible taste in soft furnishings. If you want to paint the walls purple, or opt for stark minimalism, that's exactly what you can do.


Other People's Habits

When you start sharing a house, it usually begins well. But it never takes long before you discover your roommates' irritating habits. It's the little things that drive us mad, like using our food or leaving dirty plates. Before you know it, you'll be ready to kill the next person that leaves hair in the sink.


Sharing Can Be Hellish!

Without a doubt, every single person who has ever shared a house has their own horror stories about their ex-roommates. People who turned it into a drug den, flirted with your boyfriend, moved their partner in without permission, or never paid on time … all of us could write a book about sharing horror stories!


Total Control

Living alone means that you have total control over your space and the way you live your life. You don't have to adapt in any way. You can keep whatever hours you want to, and arrange the house to suit yourself. It's not necessary to be a control freak to enjoy having that much freedom!



Living on your own teaches you a lot about how to be independent. Many of us have spent most of our lives living with family, partners or roommates, and have never had to cope on our own. It can be a challenge, but it teaches you a lot of survival skills!


Your Own Space

Finally, the best thing about living alone is that you have your own space. Everyone with a family has probably longed for a private space, and when you live on your own every bit of the house is yours! It can be a real asset to know that when you get home after a hard day at work, there is nobody to bother you …

Living alone has benefits and disadvantages. Whether you prefer it or not depends on many factors, including your nature. Some people are more solitary, while others find being alone scary. Frequently, many people who are living alone are not doing so out of choice, but because of relationship breakdowns. Looking for the advantages of solo living does make it easier. Which situation do you prefer - being surrounded by people, or living in your own "island"?

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I sent a comment. There was no harsh language.

All very true and all the reasons why I like to live alone :)

You can also bring whoever you want home with you anytime you want.

I think you need a long nap.

You can eat ice cream in your underwear at midnight if you want to.

No roommates to clean up after or coming home to them being loud when you need to sleep, being able to decorate, having your own bathroom, the list goes on

Amen to all these comments! I'm tired of baby sitting a moron. I'm done. I'm happy alone. No matter how nice someone seems there will always be something about him/her that drives you nuts. It will serfice. Guaranteed! I've been alone with my little dog for 7 years. So I'm not really alone. I love my life. There's no turning back now!!😁

Guess I don't feel so bad after all:) I love it!

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