7 Reasons to Install Solar Panels ...


7 Reasons to Install Solar Panels ...
7 Reasons to Install Solar Panels ...

There are some very good reasons to install solar panels, even if you don’t have an environment conscience. Solar panels have progressed significantly to become a very viable proposition for the average home owner. Let’s take a look at some very good reasons to install solar panels.

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It Increases Your Home’s Energy Independence

Whether it is growing your own food, recycling your own water, or producing your own energy, it is always satisfying to know that you have self-sufficiency in your life. Assurance for the future is one of the important reasons to install solar panels – no matter what happens, you will have your own energy source to run home appliances, power water heaters, etc.


You Pay Utilities Companies Less

Of all the reasons to install solar panels, saving money by using less tariffed electricity and gas is definitely one of the best. In certain cases with large installations, you can reduce the amount you pay by up to 50%. Solar panels are a way to beat rising energy prices and market volatility, and they also make it easier to budget your utility purchases.


Incentives to Install

In the interests of a green future, there are US Government backed state schemes that are incentives to install solar panels. This makes the idea more affordable and attractive. Most homeowner incentives are in the form of tax credits, but some states offer grants (Illinois and New Jersey, for example). In the UK, there are grants for installation and also the Feed-In Tariff scheme, which basically ‘buys’ your excess electricity from you, making even more savings on energy costs.


They May Add Value to Your Property

With the public becoming more conscious of the environment and global warming, energy efficiency is now a key factor for the average property buyer. In a recent study, energy efficiency came third for the most important reasons to purchase new property. Panels will likely have a positive impact on future house prices.


There is a Great Return on Investment

When you put your money in the bank, you get a low return on your investment. If you invest money in an ISA, you get rates of up to 3%. If you decide to invest in solar panels however, the return on investment can be as high as 10%. Note that this figure is provided by the solar panel market, and might not take into account maintenance costs in the long-run.


They Produce Energy in All Types of Weather

No matter where you live and no matter the weather, as long as it is daytime, your solar panels will produce electricity. Weather does certainly have an effect on the power output, but constant sunlight is not as good as you might think. When exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, solar panels increase in temperature, and may reduce in output efficiency if they exceed certain temperatures. This is why variable and cooler climates are great for solar panels.


They Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Environmental Impact

When you rely on non-renewable energy for your electricity, you are significantly increasing your carbon footprint and environmental damage. Oil, gas and coal mining and extraction release large amounts of greenhouse gases, cause landscape scarring, land, sea and air pollution, and there is always the chance of major environmental catastrophes. The environmental reasons to install solar panels are obvious, and there a few other ways to make such a big difference to your carbon footprint.

Those are the key reasons to install solar panels. If you want to find out more, there are plenty of resources online, but because the picture is different for each state, make sure what you find out is relevant to your location. Do you live in a house powered by alternative energy?

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