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10 Rad Reasons to Look Forward to Spring ...

By Lisa

Cure your winter doldrums with these 10 reasons to look forward to spring! Although the advent of spring is still a couple of months away, we can start our countdown early and begin thinking about the great things that come with spring! So, if you’re ready to retire your winter wares, join me in counting down the many reasons to look forward to spring!

1 Weather

One of the top reasons to look forward to spring has to be the nicer weather! If you’re lucky enough to live in warm weather for the majority of the year, this might not be a big deal for you. But for those who don’t, you can look forward to warmer, sunnier weather that you can actually enjoy!

2 Flowers

Regardless of whether you have a green thumb or not, spring flowers are a big sign of the season and yet another reason to love spring! If you’ve never noticed the flowers of the spring season, some of the flowers to look forward to seeing are cherry blossoms, orchids, tulips, calla lilies and peonies!

3 Pedicures

Do you give your little piggies a break from pedicures during the winter months? Spring is the best time to show off some new spring nail colors and start getting pedicures again! Even if you neglected your feet in the winter, you can certainly use this time to prep your feet for summer!

4 Sunglasses

Do you have a pair of sunnies that you’ve been dying to debut? Spring is the perfect time to break out a new or favorite pair of sunglasses and show off your stylish sensibilities! Don’t have any sunglasses? Not to worry, another reason to look forward to spring is to look forward to all the new seasonal accessories too!

5 Sundresses

We’ve all heard that guys love girls in sundresses but that’s not the only reason to wear them! Spring is the prime time to wear cool and comfy sundresses. They’re perfect for those days you want to wear something simple but cute and show off all of your hard work in the gym!

6 Bright Colors

If you’re tired of the dreary, dark colors of the fall and winter, another reason to love spring are the cheery, bright colors! Wear bright, spring colors in your clothing, accessories, shoes or bags, and celebrate the return of sunny days and soft pastels in your wardrobe!

7 Outdoor Events

Another reason to love spring is that you can start having outdoor events again! Whether it’s a BBQ, wedding or going for a bike ride, there are tons of activities you can look forward to doing outdoors in the spring! What better way to enjoy a sunny afternoon or weekend than spending it with loved ones?!

8 Fruits

If you’re a fruit lover like me, you too are probably looking forward to all the delicious fruits that are in season in the spring! Mangos, cherries, guavas, watermelon, grapes and apricots are just some of the many tasty spring fruits that we can look forward to eating in the springtime!

9 Sports

Sports are definitely something to look forward to in the spring! What could be better than spending a lazy afternoon watching a baseball game or partaking in a friendly game of golf or tennis with friends and family? If you hate working out in a gym, there’s no better time to get outdoors and work that bod!

10 Sandals

With the new season comes new fashion! Sandals are a great way to celebrate the start of a new season and show off your fab new pedicure! If your feet have been trapped in boots and closed-toed shoes for too long, set them free with some sexy sandals, wedges or flip flops!

The start of a new season is the start of so many new and wonderful things! There are so many reasons to look forward to the spring, as well as all the other seasons in the year. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it’s a welcome break from the cold weather and it’s always nice to see, smell and taste all the little signs of spring! What’s your favorite part of spring?

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