8 Benefits of House Sitting ...


8 Benefits of House Sitting ...
8 Benefits of House Sitting ...

You might be surprised to know you can even set yourself up as a professional house sitter and enjoy all the benefits of house sitting. There are numerous situations where you might be looking for somewhere to stay, something different for a vacation, need to help a friend out or just escape for a while. The benefits of house sitting address these needs plus some.

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You save Money

This has to be one of the top benefits of house sitting. This is especially effective if you manage to land a job house sitting in a home for six to twelve months. You don’t have to pay travel fees to get to your job and if you are frugal with how you spend money otherwise then you can save a lot of money.


You Can Be Your Own Boss

Of course, you will still have to abide by the rules set down by the real owners of the house, but once they are absent, you will be able to be your own boss. You can decide how you do your job, and as long as you stick to the conditions of your contract, there will be no one to criticize you.


It’s Living for Free!

Another of the advantages of house sitting is you are essentially living for free. You don’t pay for accommodation costs such as rent or mortgages. You would most likely have to pay for food and any other costs such as travel, but some home owners may be kind enough to cover a portion of these costs. This may be more applicable if you are house sitting for a short period of time.


You Can Make New Friends

Before landing a house sitting job, you will have to gain the trust of the home owners. This inevitably means you will have to get to know one another quite well, and this could always lead to friendship! One of the great benefits of house sitting means you get to do this practice fairly regularly and so increase your chances of getting out there and meeting new people, and forming new bonds.


You Don’t Have to Pay Bills

You won’t be expected to pay bills such as Internet, television, water and other utility bills. The purpose of house sitting is to ensure the house remains safe from burglars and the owners’ property is being taken care of whilst they are away for an extended period of time. You may also have your own permanent home which requires its own bills. But if you are house sitting then you can always cancel or freeze them whilst you work in another person's house, and enjoy the luxury of living in a house that doesn’t require you to pay council charges! This is another of the house sitting benefits where you can save money and reduce your debt.


It Gives You Freedom

House sitting can be a lot of fun, and this gives you all sorts of freedom to live. But, you might also ask what you can gain from house sitting beyond this. You can experience living in a different area, which may influence house buying decisions later on in life. It is the chance to be a little adventurous and live life in someone else’s shoes, as long as you stick to your house duties of course! It’s a cheap way to live and it allows you to have time to yourself.


You Can Become More Independent

Instead of being stuck in the office and having to face the commuter rush, you can become your own boss and be more independent by being a professional house sitter. You can use extra time in the house doing things you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise in a 9-5 job, such as study or delve into an exciting project. You work for yourself, and in a house you acquired as a job. This is especially beneficial if you dislike alternative living arrangements such as house shares, living with parents, or having a live-in job.


It’s an Opportunity to Travel

Finally, being a house sitter gives you the opportunity to travel to different areas of your locality or country. Depending on your preferences, you can be a house sitter in your local neighborhood or in a different state. This is one of the exciting benefits of house sitting because it allows you to visit new places and be adventurous.

As you can see, the benefits of house sitting are numerous and varied. They certainly give you food for thought. Have you ever tried it?

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I love house-sitting and pet-sitting! Haven't been able to make a career of it though lol

Love house sitting for my neighbors. They have such a pretty house and their bathroom is HUGR

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