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7 Smart Reasons to Shop at IKEA ...

By Heather

From the affordable prices to the amazing variety, there are plenty of smart reasons to shop at IKEA. Gathering ideas for your future dream home? Hungry for a taste of the chain’s famous meatballs? Read on for a look at seven of my favorite reasons to shop at IKEA.

1 Affordable Prices

By far one of the best reasons to shop at IKEA is in order to take advantage of the company’s affordable prices. During my recent quest for a new couch, I was incredibly pleased to discover models I loved for under $1,000. I also managed to snag a replacement coffee table for roughly $20 after my previous non-IKEA model became damaged. While it might not be an especially luxurious piece of furniture, it still looks great and serves its purpose.

2 Great Variety

No matter what type of look you’re going for, chances are good that IKEA will have something available to meet your needs. This is because IKEA offers a great variety on almost every conceivable type of furniture piece, along with a diverse range of offerings for everything from lighting fixtures to kitchen equipment. When replacing my coffee table, I was definitely impressed by the number of sizes and finishes available to choose from. Check out their many options for yourself, and remember that IKEA pieces can also make great bases for your own personal paint and design projects.


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3 Good Quality

As mentioned above, while IKEA items may not exactly qualify as top-of-the-line furniture, with the proper care, these pieces can still last a decent amount of time. I currently have IKEA furniture at home, for instance, that is going on 10 years old but still in good condition. Plus, since IKEA offers a range of qualities to suit different budgets, you can easily make the best choice that will satisfy both you and your wallet.

4 Ideas for Your Future Dream Home

Every time I go to IKEA, I see at least one person sitting in a demo unit for a room with a look on his or her face that says, “I could get used to this.” It’s definitely fun to see the various ways in which furniture and design options can be combined to create a complete look. After all, who doesn’t like to gather inspiration and make plans for her future dream home?

5 Tasty Snacks

Of course, my list of smart reasons to shop at IKEA just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the delicious Swedish food. My husband especially loves their cakes, and each time we visit, he justifies buying a slice under the pretense that we’ll burn calories while assembling our new furniture. Whether you also love sweets every bit as much as he does or instead prefer the more savory taste of the company’s signature meatballs, you certainly won’t be left to shop hungry.

6 Helpful Instructions

Even though IKEA furniture can certainly be tricky to put together, I’ve always found their online assembly instructions to be helpful. By checking these out ahead of time before you shop, you can also determine what’s in store and whether or not you’d rather have a professional do the work for you. Don’t think you can handle it or deal with the hassle on your own? Explore IKEA’s recommendations for delivery and assistance.

7 Do-It-Yourself Resources

Finally, IKEA is an excellent place to gather DIY inspiration or pick up inexpensive items that can be used for other purposes. If you’re trying to make simple decorations for a wedding, for example, IKEA can be an amazing resource with its variety of vases, candles and even multi-colored LED lights. My sister-in-law also recently took an IKEA bookshelf and transformed it into a cat tree, so think outside the box and don’t be afraid to get creative.

What are some of your own favorite reasons to shop at IKEA? Are there certain products you especially love?

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