7 Reasons to Take More Selfies ...


7 Reasons to Take More Selfies ...
7 Reasons to Take More Selfies ...

The pejorative term for taking a solo photograph of oneself and posting it on any social media network is usually known as "taking a selfie," and is subsequently frowned upon by most; however there are plenty of reasons to take more selfies. I’m here to advocate for the other side, because believe it or not, there are tons of reasons why you should take more selfies!

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Showcase Your Good Side

When you are taking a candid photograph with a group of people you don’t have control of how it will come out. And a lot of times this is really unfortunate considering you also don’t have control of which people see it. When you take a selfie in your house, you can coordinate the exact lighting, locations, and outfit... and most importantly you can take it from your most flattering angle! This allows for the social media world and subsequently the world itself, to see you at your best. If you’re a college student like me constantly involved in social media, the last thing you want is people to see you from an unflattering perspective, and taking more selfies can help you do that! So despite popular belief, there are many reasons to take more selfies!


Throw out Those Insecurities

Most of the time, people who aren’t very photogenic are those who are insecure about themselves, or they’re afraid of how the photo will come out and who will see it. Well now that you’re behind the camera taking your own photograph you don’t have to worry about that anymore. And posting up selfies also announces to the world, "here I am, watch out!" and although some may think that means you’re conceited or self-involved, it actually means the opposite. Posting more selfies shows that you are comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with posting pictures with only you in them!


You Are the Photographer

Along with the idea that you can catch yourself at your best angle, you also have the power to edit out any blemishes that you don’t want the world to see. If you have Photoshop, this is a dream come true and fairly easy if you are the only subject in your photograph. So not only can you take a great selfie, you can create a great selfie if you're insecure or unsure about any aspects of the selfies that you don’t want the world to see, making this one more reason why you should take more selfies.


Have Fun with It

One awesome reason to take more selfies is that you it’s your very own art project! So even if you don’t see aspects of the photograph that you want to edit, you can rearrange this selfie to be your very own work of art. So feel free to pose in front of a mirror or looking down to create a whole new perspective and angle your Facebook friends will be jealous of! Now that you’re the only subject in the photograph you can take as many as you want for as long as you want, on your own time.


They Make Great Default Profile Pictures

Some people on social media like to only post pictures of them and their friends so that they portray to the world that they are popular and desired. However if you are confident enough to post a plethora of selfies, you can market yourself on social media the way it was created to do so. Having a profile picture of a selfie allows your friends to match a name with a specific face, allowing people to remember who you are and see your awesome physical attributes without searching for you in a group of goofy people.


They Make Great Dating Site Pictures

If you have ventured into the world of online dating, it’s important that you include mostly information about yourself on it. I know that sounds like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how clandestine people are. When you post more selfies it shows you are confident and comfortable in your own skin, and a selfie is a great way to convey that as clearly as possible. A dating profile of all selfies shows the world exactly who you are and what a beautiful smile you have! Because after all if you’re on a dating site, people are looking to see pictures of YOU mostly and not you and your pet or you at a graduation party in a crowded group photo.


Be as Revealing as You Want

Now I’m certainly not encouraging people to take a million naked photos of themselves. But when you take selfies this is your opportunity to have fun, be creative and possibly be revealing if you are planning on taking a somewhat private photo. People that are involved in serious relationships love seeing pictures of their loved ones looking sexy. It’s a great surprise for your spouse if they’re having a hard day at work and taking a selfie allows you to utilize this opportunity. But keep it classy and make sure it’s something you wouldn’t be ashamed of in the long run.

There are many reasons to take more selfies so don’t hesitate to experiment with this new social media phenomenon, you may be surprised with yourself at how beautiful you really are when it’s just you and only you at the center of a photograph! How do you feel about selfies, now that you've read my opinion?

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7 shouldn't be in here. There are too many young girls reading this, and there are obvs wayyyy too many out there already that think it's ok to take naughty photos at their age. There are countless ways it could end up on the Internet, and they don't think about that.

This is so untrue. Editing out your "imperfections" doesn't improve your self-esteem, it hinders it. What could be worse than seeing the before and after, and truly realizing all the things you want to change about yourself?

fun article :)

Worst article ever

Agree with everyone above me.

If I would look like the girls in that image I would probably take a selfie.

I agree^^^

I agree too, worst one I've read on here. None of it makes sense.

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