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8 Amazing Advantages of Having Friends of All Ages ...

By Alison

Are you aware of the amazing advantages of having friends of all ages? Many people stick to their own age group, thinking that younger people are too immature, and older people are boring. Not so! You could really be missing out on some amazing friendships if you avoid people outside your age group. Here are some advantages of having friends of different ages …

1 Keep You Young

One of the best advantages of having friends younger than you is that they help you stay young. Many people decide that they are getting older, which is precisely why they become old! Keeping the company of younger people will help you retain a youthful outlook.

2 Different Points of View

Another advantage of having friends who are older or younger is that they can show you different points of view that you might never have considered before. Often our opinions are shaped by our age, so let yourself be exposed to the ideas of different generations.

3 Surprising

Equally, people don't always conform to what is expected of their age group. So making friends of different ages can be a real eye opener. Younger people aren't always silly and immature. It can also be inaccurate to stereotype older people as dull. There's nothing we can teach them - they've done it all before!

4 Experience

Older people have a wealth of life experience that you can benefit from. They can give you some great advice, so be open to listening to them. As for younger friends, they give you the opportunity to learn about new, current ideas. So either way you can get some fantastic new experiences!

5 Interesting

Having friends of all ages is a really interesting experience. It can open your eyes to ideas that you've never considered, and experiences that you haven't tried. What's more, if you make friends with much older people, they can bring the past to life. What is history to you was something they lived through.

6 Open-Minded

It's not really surprising that we tend to have friends of a similar age to ourselves. Try to be open-minded though, and not dismiss someone because they are younger or older. Look at the person, not their date of birth, and you could make one of the best friends you'll ever have.

7 Educational

It can also be extremely educational to have friends of different ages. An older friend can teach you about art or opera; a younger friend will explain how the latest technology works. Want to know about the civil rights movement? Ask someone who was around then.

8 New Ideas

Finally, making friends of different ages can expose you to lots of new ideas. You can learn so much from your older or younger friends. Listen to what they have to tell you, and look at issues from their point of view. Even if you don't agree, it can give you food for thought.

Having friends of different ages can enrich your life in unexpected ways. Keep an open mind, and don't automatically stick to friends of a similar age. The important thing is that they are of a similar mindset to you on the whole. See someone as a person, regardless of how old they are. Have you ever had friends who were of a very different age to you, and what did they bring to your life?

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