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8 Reasons to Live in a Small Town ...

By Neecey

There is an abundance of reasons to live in a small town, and more and more people are moving out of the city to the countryside saying that their reasons to live in a small town started with wanting a slower pace of life, or a better place to bring up their kids. There are some brilliant benefits to living in a city but here are 8 reasons to live in a small town.

1 Sense of Community

You may not have the whole town round for dinner once a week, but when there is a crisis – like a fire on a farm or somebody loses their dog or a flood – you will be amazed at how the community rallies together to get their fellow townsfolk the help they need. A sense of community is one of the main cited reasons to live in a small town.

2 The Stars

If you think back to your childhood, when life was not quite as chaotic, you may be lucky enough to remember a wide open sky with a carpet of stars. In the country, or small town, you get to have that every single night of your life. Leave the light pollution of the city behind and move to a small town.

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3 No Traffic and There is Always Parking

Once you have lived in a small town for a while, you kind of become allergic to traffic, as the only small town traffic you will encounter is a herd of sheep in the ‘’main road’’ or Dave’s tractor blocking up the entrance to your driveway again. And there is always parking outside the grocery store – question is will you need it if you came on your bicycle or horse?

4 Fresh Air

One of the charming benefits of living in a small town is fresh air. We don’t realise how much junk we are breathing in and subjecting our children to in the city. Smog and fumes are a daily part of our city slog so who wouldn’t love the sweet air of the country. Those postcards of kids skipping through fields of blossoms breathing country air – they are real.

5 It’s Quiet

Another thing we don’t realise until we have spent any time in a small town is the sheer amount of noise – in the city this cacophonous din is the constant background. After moving to the country, a night in the city feels traumatic and you finally understand why you were wound up ready to pop at a moment’s notice when you lived there.

6 People Spend Time Together

One of the advantages of small town life is the fact that people and families do everything together. Far away from the peering eyes of the bright city lights and instant gratification, people swim in holes, build snowmen and play cards in front of the fire. Small town families do everything together – not like in the city where the adults go out every night and the kids are left with a sitter.

7 Life is Simpler

Life is simpler in a small community; there are very few big city distractions, no malls, no cinemas and hundreds of restaurants. You get back to your roots and great pleasure is taken in things like baking, woodwork, sewing and walking the dog. Quality time is one of the most attractive reasons to live in a small town.

8 Everybody Knows You

This may seem like a downside, but it’s a huge plus. Everybody knows where you live and who you are, how many sugars you take in your morning coffee at the café, what days you walk your dog, how many kids you have, what car you drive and if they should keep the paper for you at the local store. You can be sure that your neighbours and friends will know immediately if you are in trouble or if you need help and will rally around you.

If you need extra reasons to live in a small town, then think about a beautiful and safe place to bring up your kids. Many people are moving to the countryside for a peaceful life where they can spend time together as a family. What would inspire you to move out of the city?

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