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7 Reasons to Write in a Diary ...

By Meenakshi

Let's all give a warm AWS welcome to Meenakshi! In her post, she stresses the importance of pouring your heart out in a diary and we for one couldn't agree more. It's almost therapeutic. Try it ladies!

I'm pretty sure we have all seen that scene in a movie where the girl is on her bed writing in her diary about the guy she likes or her really bad day. In movies, it is shown that a diary can be a best friend figure. And it can! I personally write in a diary and I can't tell you how much it helps. So here are 7 reasons why you should write in a diary.

1 Get It off Your Chest

I can keep a secret, I really can. But sometimes there is that one thing my friend tells me that I just can't keep! So I simply write it my diary. Once I do that, I know I can sleep in peace and won't ever have to worry about telling anyone else.

2 Memories

Just think about it, in 10-15 years, your diary will be your own written time machine. I love creating memories for myself, just something that I can look back to when I'm older, perhaps even show my future kids. If you're a fan of nostalgia, you absolutely should consider starting a diary!

3 Nonjudgmental Friend

It doesn't matter what you write in your diary, it won't reply back with its own opinion (that would be just creepy). You write whatever you want in there and you won't have to feel like you have to take back what you just said. You can write about that mean Sally Joe or put in a controversial idea of your own or whine about anything and no one will ever have to know.

4 Makes You Feel Better

This one is quite simple and doesn't involve any rocket science. Pour your feelings out by writing in a diary and you'll instantly feel better! When you just had a bad day and you have no one to talk to simply put it on your diary. It works like magic!

5 Creativity

Writing in a diary can really get those creative juices going. "But all you are doing is putting down how you day went". Very true, but when I write them down, I write them like a story. You diary is pretty much your own novel and all the people in it are characters. After writing in my diary, I found my teacher loving the essays I write in class since I had practice writing every night.

6 Slice of Life

I used to think that my life is boring. I always thought what is the point of writing in a diary when there is nothing in my life to write about. Yes, my life is nothing like Anne Franks, but it doesn't mean its boring. It may just look ordinary from the outside but when you truly look at it deeply, it is a roller coaster to ride.

7 A Self-Mirror

Having a diary is one way to discover and understand yourself. There can be no better self mirror, I assure you.

A diary doesn't have to be "Dear diary, today I feel .......". Be creative! Write stories, draw bunnies, test perfumes. Be yourself. The sky is the limit!

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