9 Convincing Reasons to Learn Spanish ...


9 Convincing Reasons to Learn Spanish ...
9 Convincing Reasons to Learn Spanish ...

Speaking a second language will always be better than only one, so here are some reasons to learn Spanish! It’s a wonderful language that can help you in so many ways. Whether you’re learning it in school, or trying to learn it on your own, with these reasons to learn Spanish you’ll start loving it even more!

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It’s Sexy

Out of all the reasons to learn Spanish, I like this one the best because it’s the most fun! Of course, you shouldn’t just learn the language because of its potential appeal to men. But, speaking as a Hispanic woman fluent in Spanish, men love it. If they don’t speak Spanish, they’ll be entranced by the way your words flow.


Job Opportunity

In today’s economy, you need to have every advantage you can get to secure a job. Companies LOVE people who can speak more than one language, because you’re much more versatile. There are many companies that have managers of international relations for Spanish countries like Mexico and Colombia, and if you don’t speak the language, you won’t get the job.


You’ll Be Smarter

The ability to understand more than one language is absolutely a sign of a high intellect. Your brain is able to process and understand a completely different form of speaking and thinking. Spanish isn’t an easy language to learn, so by doing so, you’re expanding your knowledge on a huge scale.


You’ll Be Culturally Aware

Language and culture are usually very closely intertwined. Just like there are words in English that only exist because of a cultural event or movement, Spanish is the same way. Not only that, there are so many different backgrounds for the Spanish language, and they all have their own history. Learning the meaning behind a word will teach you something about a country, or many different countries and some words mean different things in different places. There are over twenty countries that speak Spanish, and you’ll be able to visit all of them and be aware of their customs.


It’s a Springboard

Once you learn Spanish, you’ll be able to jump to other romance languages with relative ease. No, not romantic language. Romance languages. These are languages that are derived from the same form of Latin, so they’re all pretty similar. Being fluent in Spanish, I was able to grasp French really easily through high school. Same root words, and mostly same structure. If you have a dream of one day being a language master, Spanish is a great place to start!


You Never Know

You know what, you honestly never know where you’ll be. You could end up taking a trip to a Latin country, and something could happen to you. If you know how to speak Spanish, you can get out of a sticky situation easily! Even broken Spanish is better than none, and you’ll also have a more pleasant experience overall. You’ll avoid those awkward lost in translation moments where you’re trying to decode what you’re waiter is saying with a Spanish to English dictionary.


You Can Enjoy Foreign Films

A thing I love about speaking Spanish is the ability to enjoy Spanish films and not have to worry about subtitles. There are some really great movies out there, and don’t even get me started about Spanish soap operas. They’re my guilty pleasure. This is also a great tool to learn Spanish, actually. Watch them with the subtitles off and see how much you can pick up, and look up any words you don’t know.


Help Others

I was in line to order my food at a restaurant one day, but it was taking forever for the line to move. I looked forward and saw that there was a woman at the front who didn’t speak English, and the cashier didn’t speak Spanish. I walked up and offered to translate for them both, and at the end the woman paid for my lunch as a thank you! Being able to speak Spanish, especially if you live in a heavily Hispanic area, can be a really great tool to help others around you.


Gotta Keep up with the Times

Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the United States, and at this rate, won’t be a minority much longer. There will be a bigger chance of meeting people that only speak Spanish, or companies asking for bilingual workers. It’ll really help you more than hurt you.

Learning to speak Spanish has such a huge benefit. The only downside I can think of it the time it takes to learn, but I really do think the pros outweigh the cons. What do you think?

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All these points do not only apply for spanish learning but for any language. Learning a new language it's a beautiful experience that help develop ourselves. Muchas gracias por compartir! =D

Great points on why we should learn and also keep teaching our children.... @Jessica didn't you just read the article ... How its so beneficial in many ways to learn the language!! And nit every Hispanic person is an illegal immigrant btw!! Very rude and ignorant for you to say some comment like that!!

Nice list of reasons! I will share this with my readers.

Great points! ( remember it is Colombia, not Columbia)...

Spanish is a great language and probs the easiest Romance language to learn, this is a nice post...the country's name is Colombia tho

I totally agree with point 3! I speak 6 languages. Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, Italian and French. For me it's really easy to find a job.

Spanish is easy. Easier than English! I'm learning Spanish as a 4th language... Maybe 7th actually. I'm native Afrikaans and English speaking, speak Dutch at a near native level and speak a bit of French and German. But I decided to date a Spanish man. Oh, I've also learned some sepedi, Latin and Ancient Greek in school. I wouldn't know what it's like to have only one language!! Your average South African speaks 3 languages.

I'm from Honduras and for us it's really helpful to learn English.

@Jessica isn't it sad how here in the US we call ourselves the big melting pot yet every couple of decades we find a new group of people to hate? We've gone through the Chinese, the German, the Irish, African Americans, etc. It's sad really. As an educated trilingual Mexican/Cuban Hispanic/Latina who was born here (and whose parents never had to cross over illegally), your comment makes me laugh at your ignorance. How sad that someone can be so narrow minded! P.s. yes I'm white. Another surprise for you I assume!

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