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8 Advantages of Being Child-Free ...

By Alison

The advantages of being child-free are quite a few. Now, I´m not saying that being a parent isn´t a fantastic experience, simply that a child-free life has a number of benefits. Not everyone wants kids, and not everyone can have them. You can have a great life without kids. So here are some of the advantages of being child-free.

1 Sleep Late

One of the greatest advantages of being child-free, in my opinion, is the ability to sleep late (I need my sleep). You will never be woken up at 5am by the kids bouncing on your bed. I do get woken up by the cats, but at least they can take care of themselves. For the child-free, you can sleep as late as you like on weekends.

2 Finance

You don´t have to buy the best and most expensive equipment and clothes for your kids, but there´s no denying that they cost a small fortune. Clothes, entertainment, a bigger house, food and childcare all adds up to a pretty penny. Then there are college fees, and many people end up helping their adult kids out. We child-free people can spend it all on ourselves!


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3 All Fun

Not having your own kids doesn´t mean that you can´t enjoy the company of children. Just borrow some from friends or relatives. This way, you can enjoy their company until they get tiresome, at which point you pack them off back to their long-suffering parents. You can have all the fun and none of the responsibility!

4 Flexibility

A child-free life is far more flexible. You can arrange weekends away easily, have the type of holiday you want, and go out when you want. There´s no need to plan ahead and organise babysitters, or have to cancel because the sitter can´t make it. If you fancy going out on the spur of the moment, you can grab your keys and go.

5 Youthful Looks

This is one of the more superficial advantages of being child-free! Most parents will admit that having children has aged them. Since it´s such a responsible and tough job, that´s no surprise really. We child-free people, on the other hand, may not live totally stress-free lives, but the chances of looking younger longer are high.

6 Career

Sadly, when it comes to combining a career and family, there are choices to be made and problems to solve. Can you cope on one wage? Who looks after the kids? How supportive are your employers? Will it affect your career? People without kids can concentrate on their career, and frequently have more options than their colleagues with families.

7 Less Worry

Can a parent ever truly switch off? From the moment your child is born, you worry about their health and safety. Even when their kids are adults, the parents still worry about them. Those with a child-free life may well have fewer worries and stresses to deal with. We don´t have the worry of being responsible for these little people.

8 Mobility

When you are child-free, mobility is a great deal easier. You don´t have to pack toys, diaper bags, bottles of milk or books every time you leave the house. Nor do you have to take half an hour to walk ten yards because your toddler insists on stopping to look at everything. Plus you can have a sporty car instead of a sensible family version!

From experience, I know that there are many advantages to being child-free. Some are frivolous, others are more serious. Still, I´m sure that those of you with kids are happy with your choices, although sometimes you may think that it would be nice to have your freedom back! How different do you find parenthood from the child-free life, and if you don´t have kids, do you prefer to remain that way?

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