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8 Smart Reasons to Pursue Your Dreams Now ...

By Alison

Following your dreams is something that is often put off. This can be for many reasons. Sometimes we´re not confident enough, or people discourage us, or the circumstances don´t appear right. Yet there are many reasons to pursue your dreams, rather than delaying them or abandoning them altogether. So if you need any encouragement, here are some arguments in favour of following your dreams right now ..

1 Carpe Diem

If we let ourselves, we can come up with countless reasons not to follow our dreams. There´s always something, such as lack of money, family influence, or believing we won´t succeed. Instead of finding reasons not to go ahead, seize the day and get cracking on your plans – there´s no time like the present!

2 Things May Change

Another good argument for following your dreams now is that delaying them may mean they never happen. You don´t know how your circumstances may change in the future. It would be very sad if you missed the opportunity to do something you really wanted to do; acting now means that won´t happen.

3 Regrets, I´ve Had a Few …

One of the strongest reasons to pursue your dreams is that it is much better to try, even if it doesn´t work out, than to live with regrets. What´s the worst that can happen if your dream doesn´t work out? You can always discover new dreams, and at least you won´t spend your life wishing you´d tried and wondering how it would have been.

4 Meaning

A good reason to follow your dreams now is simply that it means a lot to you. It´s your dream, your ambition, and it has significance for you. You only have one life, so get on with what you want to do, and make the most of your life.

5 More Benefits

Not losing time in pursuing your dreams can mean that you derive far more benefits from them. Let´s suppose you want to start a business. Getting on with it earlier, rather than waiting, gives you the chance to get your business established sooner and can mean that you enjoy greater success with it.

6 Why Waste Time?

If you really want to do something, then what is the point of wasting time? What does it achieve, other than allowing valuable time to slip away? Most of the arguments we use to put ourselves off are very negative. So get on with your plans and make sure that you don´t waste time that could be put to good use!

7 Prove People Wrong

Of course the best reasons for following your dreams are because you want to and it will benefit you. None of us have anything to prove to anyone else. However, it can be immensely satisfying showing any doubters who told you that you wouldn´t succeed just how wrong they were!

8 Never Too Late

Do you have a cherished dream but think that you´re too old, or the time has passed for you? That´s simply not true. People can achieve what they want whatever their age – just look at people who study for degrees in their eighties, or start businesses in their fifties. Never believe that it´s too late – there´s always time to follow your dreams.

I hope I´ve given you lots of convincing reasons to pursue your dreams. We all have them, and should have the confidence in ourselves to achieve what we want. We are capable of so many things, even if we don´t believe that. So following your dreams is an opportunity that should never be wasted. Has anyone ever told you that you´d never accomplish your dreams- and did you prove them wrong?

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