7 Good Reasons to Start Keeping up with Current Events ...


There are many valid and valuable reasons to keep up with current events. For those who do it...keep it up! For those who don’t…start!! Current events are everything going on around us. Wars, the economy, arts, everything is news! Keeping up with current events can enrich your life and teach you so much about the world. Here are some awesome reasons why I keep up with current events and why you should too!

1. It is Easy

One of the best reasons to keep up with current events is also the simplest. With social media and the Internet, the excuse that it’s too hard to stay up to date with the news is completely invalid. Newspapers and shows are at your fingers at all times; you can even program some sites to give you updates when a new story is published. Try following some newspapers on Twitter or "like" news shows on Facebook to get updates whenever you get online.

It Makes the World Smaller
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