The 9 Best Things about Being a Tall Girl ...

What's life like as a tall girl? Well, it has its advantages, and I've listed a few of them here. Do any of these sound familiar?

1. Group Shot!

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I love that when I'm in a group photo, I can go in the back row, where I don't feel so exposed.

2. No Ladder Required

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As a tall girl, I get to use all of the shelves and cupboard space shorter girls can't... and I don't need to use a ladder to reach things I keep in there.

3. Sports

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Being tall means I'm naturally a faster runner (longer stride) and maybe even a little better at basketball and volleyball. Now, if only I weren't so clumsy...

4. Heels

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When I want to feel truly intimidating, I can wear heels and tower above everyone.

5. The View

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People always ask how the view is up here, and actually, it's pretty good - I can see quite a bit, especially at concerts.

6. I Stand out

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When my friends are trying to find me in a crowd, it's pretty easy for them, since I'm at least a head taller than most everyone else.

7. Maxis

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My short friends always complain that maxi skirts and dresses are too long, but they fit me perfectly.

8. Angry

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When I'm angry, no one tells me I'm cute. I must look scarier than my shorter (more adorable) friends do when they're mad.

9. Flats

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Listen, flats are just more comfortable than heels, and as a tall girl, I can almost always get away with wearing flats.

Are you a tall girl, too? What do you love about it?

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