The 9 Best Things about Being a Tall Girl ...


The 9 Best Things about Being a Tall Girl ...
The 9 Best Things about Being a Tall Girl ...

What's life like as a tall girl? Well, it has its advantages, and I've listed a few of them here. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Group Shot!

I love that when I'm in a group photo, I can go in the back row, where I don't feel so exposed.


No Ladder Required

As a tall girl, I get to use all of the shelves and cupboard space shorter girls can't... and I don't need to use a ladder to reach things I keep in there.



Being tall means I'm naturally a faster runner (longer stride) and maybe even a little better at basketball and volleyball. Now, if only I weren't so clumsy...



When I want to feel truly intimidating, I can wear heels and tower above everyone.


The View

People always ask how the view is up here, and actually, it's pretty good - I can see quite a bit, especially at concerts.


When you're towering above the crowd, it's like having a front-row ticket wherever you stand. I get an unobstructed view of the stage, minus the hassle of arriving hours early to snag a good spot. And it's not just at concerts, at the movies, or any public event really, there's never a tall person or awkwardly placed pillar blocking the scene. It's like I have built-in VIP access to the world’s visuals. Plus, friends love to stick close—they know they've got the best viewpoint right next to me. It's one of those unexpected perks that come with the extra inches.

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I Stand out

When my friends are trying to find me in a crowd, it's pretty easy for them, since I'm at least a head taller than most everyone else.



My short friends always complain that maxi skirts and dresses are too long, but they fit me perfectly.



When I'm angry, no one tells me I'm cute. I must look scarier than my shorter (more adorable) friends do when they're mad.



Listen, flats are just more comfortable than heels, and as a tall girl, I can almost always get away with wearing flats.

Are you a tall girl, too? What do you love about it?

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Being tall is awesome 💃🏻😬

I agree being tall is great @Courtney rock on indeed! r

Yes I live being tall too....but it's hard to find a tall guy

#2, #7, and #9 I love about being tall as well! Tall girls, rock on! 😝 👊

I'm 5'9 and am 11 years old! I have no problem with it whatsoever

Love being tall! But I must admit at 6ft tall it's hard to get a good guy that's taller (but I stuck lucky with my tall man too!)

UGHHHHH I wish I were a tall girl!! I used to be, but I'm probably going to be stuck at 5'6" forever :-( (I know I sound really ungrateful because most girls I know are smaller than that)

I'm so proud of being a tall girl!

I love my tallness!!!

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