The Dread of Christmas That's All Too Familiar ...


The Dread of Christmas That's All Too Familiar ...
The Dread of Christmas That's All Too Familiar ...

Have you ever felt the dread of Christmas?

The glorious expectation of providing presents on behalf of a fictional character named Santa Claus. We are expected to provide the beauty of waking up on Christmas morning to a home filled with the aroma of warm cinnamon buns baking in the oven. We need to have a warm welcoming home with Christmas themed decorations and an almighty Christmas tree loaded with presents.

As kids get older, their expectations of Christmas presents multiply along with the hefty price tag that cost parents more than they know what to do with. Do I sound like the Grinch? I guess I kind of do, but let’s face the truth, Christmas is completely overrated as we get older. When my children were younger, it was pleasant family tradition and the excitement was precious. We could get away with wrapping coloring books, puzzles, dolls and special treats with the confidence of knowing they would be completely satisfied.

However, now that my kiddos are teenagers, I have come to fell the dread of Christmas as much as the Grinch who Stole Christmas. I don’t know what to buy teenagers. The scary fact is that most teenagers carry around the newest, over-priced iPhone, tablet, and latest gadgets. The pressure and expectation for them to have them and feel accepted has become the newest phenomenon.

The dreaded Christmas list will give you a big clue that this year’s Christmas may have you hiding in the closet hoping it is over quick. So what do I do this year for Christmas? I play Santa Claus as long as I can. Merry Christmas.

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