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Weird Things Humans do ...

By Bethaya

There are so many weird things humans do. Do you ever sit in a theatre and think about how weird it is that we pay (a lot) of money to sit in a giant room to watch a movie with strangers?

Because I did today.

Here are two weird things humans do that, if you think about it too much, are weird but kinda cool...

1 Movie Theaters

I understand why movie theaters are a “thing”. I’m not saying we should stop having movie theaters. But, isn’t it a little weird that we go into a giant room to watch a movie on a big screen with people we’ve never seen before in our lives? And on top of that, there are rude viewers. There are viewers that come in late. There are the kids that kick your seat the whole time. People that get up every five minutes. It’s like being on an airplane, but you don’t have to see a movie at the theater.

Now there are really cool aspects of the theater experience. How amazing is it to have a whole room of people, that once again don’t know each other, laugh at the same thing? How cool is it to hear the tiny reactions from others?

But more than that, how mind-blowing is it that even though you are strangers, something brought you together at the same time to enjoy the same thing?

2 Restaurants

This is very similar to the movie theater. I understand why we go out to eat but, at the same time, why do we go somewhere to wait in line for a table? Why do we eat somewhere that part of your party might complain about anyway? Why surround yourself with the noise?

And yet, we keep going because there’s something special about going out with the people you care about to eat. Even with a bunch of other people surrounding you.

Humanity is so interesting. I wish I would have taken more sociology classes in college.

What other weirdly cool things can you think of? Let me know in the comments!

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