7 Signs You Are Still Ruled by Your Base Instincts ...


7 Signs You Are Still Ruled by Your Base Instincts ...
7 Signs You Are Still Ruled by Your Base Instincts ...

We are all born with instincts. It is why babies know to hold their breath when they are put under water, and it is why a baby that is blind from birth will still smile when happy. Our most raw and untamed instincts are still deep within our mind and they affect our everyday life all the time without us even knowing it. Want proof? Here are seven signs you are still ruled by your base instincts.

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You Are Disturbed by Deformity

One of the biggest signs that you are ruled by your base instincts is the fear of deformity or by feeling disturbed by, or feelings of revulsion when you see deformity. It is not a moral issue, and it doesn’t make you a bad person, it is simply your base instincts kicking in. The only way you can learn how to master this base instinct is to expose yourself to a lot of people with deformity. There is no moral issue when it comes to your feelings about deformed people. You know they are only people, you know they are not dangerous, you know they are not monsters, you know they are not going to hurt you or infect you, and yet you have such “negative” feelings towards them (the word negative was used for want of a better word). Once again, just because you find deformed people hard to look at doesn’t mean you are bad person, it means you do not have full control of your base instincts--and that is okay too. You are not a Vulcan from Star Trek; you cannot control the deeper bowels of your mind anymore than you can stop your heart from beating by just thinking about it.


Ever Been Turned on by a Dominating, Scary and/or Aggressive Guy?

Have you ever had a rush of arousal because a man was acting dominating or aggressive in a scary way? Being scared by a man is supposed to be a bad thing, but part of it may turn you on if you are at the mercy of your base instincts because that instinct is as a woman you look to a man for protection. (this is a base instinct women fight against every day!)


The allure of a powerful and assertive man can stem from primitive instincts. It's a paradox where the very traits that signal danger also trigger a raw, primal attraction. On one hand, modern sensibilities advocate for equality and gentleness from partners, while deep-rooted impulses may draw you towards strength and dominance. Acknowledging this duality within doesn't mean endorsing intimidation; rather, it's about recognizing the complexity of human desires. Such inner conflicts aren't uncommon, and they reflect the ongoing dance between evolved ideals and ancestral drives.


Do You Sleep Facing the Door?

You are vulnerable when you sleep, and some women are still ruled by a survival instinct where she feels more comfortable if she is guarding the door (even if she doesn’t know she is doing it). Men are more prone to sleep facing the door of the bedroom. Let him choose which side to sleep on, and even where the bed goes, and 9 times out of 10 the man will sleep better if he is facing the door. Studies show that woman can sleep better facing the door if their baby in the in room with them. Is your baby in the room with you? Is your baby by the door, or would an intruder have to walk over or around you to get to the baby? Did you know you tucked your baby away in your room like that because of your base instincts?


Ever Kept Eating Even Though You Were Stuffed Full?

You are consciously aware that you are full but you keep eating anyway. Do you think that is your conscious mind telling you to eat, your subconscious or your base instincts? Unless you are addicted to food (in which case your subconscious is telling you to eat), then it is your base instincts doing all the work.


Do You Have an Irrational Fear?

An irrational fear is one where you cannot possibly be in danger but you still feel a rush of fear. Fear of dogs or heights is not an irrational fear, but fear of a house spider that you know is not poisonous is an irrational fear. The fear of a non-poisonous snake is an irrational fear. They are caused by your base instincts that make you afraid as a precaution, and irrational fears can be just as difficult to turn off as rational fears.


Many of us grapple with such fears, often known as phobias. These intense, irrational fears can significantly impact daily life, causing sufferers to go to great lengths to avoid their fear triggers. Despite the lack of real danger, the physical and emotional response can be overwhelming. Techniques like exposure therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy can help in managing these fears by slowly building tolerance and restructuring the thought patterns that fuel them. It's vital to address these fears compassionately, recognizing they stem from our primal wiring for survival.


Ever Become Jealous Because a Woman Appeared to Be Flirting with Your Man?

Jealousy, especially when it comes to sexual partners and lovers, is probably one of the emotions most grounded deep in your mind. It is guided, sparked and directed by your base instincts (as is being protective of a baby).


Ever Regretted an Action You Don’t Understand Why You Took in the First Place?

Have you ever done something and regretted it while also being mystified as to why you did it in the first place? It is one of those occasions when you look back and know you knew the right thing to the point where doing the wrong thing is out of character for you, and yet you still did the wrong thing without even thinking. This occurred because you are not fully in control of your actions all the time. Alfred Mele helped prove we only make conscious decisions 60% of the time, which helps to show that much of the time you are ruled by your base instincts. The worst part is that if you are not careful, you can allow your brain to take full control of your actions for a split second, and in that spilt second, you may do anything from cut yourself shaving with a razor to dropping your phone down the toilet.

Our base instincts are one of the most fascinating areas of human psychology because many of them we constantly fight against, even if we don’t realize we are doing so. Do you find this topic interesting or are you happy to let your brain just do its thing without you worrying about it?

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