7 Signs That You Are a Cheapskate...


Of course it is getting more and more expensive by the day and we all want to use our money wisely and avoid spending unnecessarily. In times like these, it’s not uncommon for families and individuals to cut back on expenses, come up with innovative ideas to re-use existing stuff, and pinch a little bit here and there. However, people do tend to go overboard with their money-saving endeavors and end up acting really stupidly. There’s a fine line between a judicious person and a cheapskate and it’s easy to forget the difference. So, how do you know which is which? Well, here are some Signs That you are a Cheapskate.

1. Scrimp Money at the Cost of Appearance and Hygiene

I know someone who has taken to washing his clothes only after two or three wears. Needless to say, I keep a safe distance from him for no other reason except that he smells awful. In addition, he chooses to cut his own hair in an attempt to save $10. Not bad at all, except his head looks like Edward Scissorhands worked on it. Tactics such as these might work if you stay at home, but think twice before doing anything like this if you are required to step out to work. You have to maintain some semblance of respectability, don’t you?

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