10 Helpful Tips for Everyone Learning How to Drive ...


10 Helpful Tips for Everyone Learning How to Drive ...
10 Helpful Tips for Everyone Learning How to Drive ...

Learning how to drive can be pretty daunting and nerve-wracking for even the best of drivers now, so here are a few helpful tips you should remember if you're currently learning!

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Don't Worry about Any Cars behind You

car, eyewear, vehicle, glasses, model, A really common problem early drivers can often have is worrying or getting anxious over any cars that may be behind them on the road. But try not to worry! All you have to do is make sure you're going the appropriate speed limit and are remembering small things such as indicating when turning.

Don't worry, the cars behind you are not following you (although it may seem like it sometimes) so try not to stress yourself out over this.


Don't Take the Tests until You're Ready

hair, clothing, glasses, eyewear, lady, A slip up many people have is sitting their tests before they're actually ready. This can be an easy mistake to make mostly coming down to impatience or even peer pressure.

An example of this is if some of your friends are about to go for theirs and you're not that at stage yet - it may be tempting to do it anyway just so you can say you've gone for your test as well but the best thing you can do for yourself is take it only when you feel ready so there's more chance of passing!


Practise Lots of Different Parts

car, vehicle, land vehicle, auto show, automotive design, One of the most important things to do when learning how to drive is to practise doing lots of different parts such as parallel parking, reversing out of driveways, driving on the motorway (or freeway...is that what they call it in the States?) so that you're totally prepared when you sit your test!

They'll want to see that you know how to do all these different things and may ask you to prove it, so the best thing you can do is practise heaps beforehand.


Get into the Habit of Driving

hair, human positions, hairstyle, brown hair, leg, This is also really important because when you're just starting out, it can be easy to forget about how much driving you actually need to be doing and slip out of the habit! It may help to think of certain places that you will always drive to so that you get into the habit of it.

Another good idea is to simply drive to places close and local so that you're making the most of every driving opportunity you can!


Practise Driving around Empty Universities

photograph, clothing, footwear, fashion, spring, Many early drivers may not feel comfortable or confident driving on the road straight away (unless your a complete natural) so a great place to learn how to drive is empty universities. They are usually quite big campuses with plenty of easy roads, turns and carparks you can practise driving around.

And if you plan it for a public holiday or the longer holiday breaks, chances are it will be mostly empty so you can focus without the distraction of other drivers!


Don't Be Discouraged by Angry Drivers

car, vehicle, land vehicle, automotive exterior, luxury vehicle, Even though angry drivers are not the most pleasant of people to come across, they still exist and you have to expect you'll come across one at some point!

Angry drivers can easily make you feel like you're in the wrong even if you're actually not (personal experience right there), they might swear, yell something nasty out their window or pull a rude finger at you. These things are bad luck and make us feel pretty crap but remember that angry drivers are really common and things like this happen all the time to so many amazing drivers, so take it on the chin and don't let it lower your confidence!


Take Your Time and Feel Confident

clothing, human positions, lady, girl, beauty, Learning how to drive is not a race (even though it might seem like it sometimes) and it will most definitely take time to get right. But with regular practise you'll soon be able to master driving and get out there on the road by yourself!

Take your time so you can feel completely confident and remember to be proud of all your progress - it's only always an easy learning experience!

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Nope didn't know


You do realise that you're not allowed to drive on the motorway until you've passed your test right? 🙈

I failed my tests back in the UK but now I am in the UAE and have to start fresh but I'm worried


Driving school is also money well spent!

Definitely waiting until you're confident and ready is the way to go - and my learners was going to expire this year! Don't let your friends nag you, you do it when you feel you can do it 👍🏼


Can u drive

@Vix can u drive

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