5 Awesome Tips for Becoming YouTube Famous ...


5 Awesome Tips for Becoming YouTube Famous ...
5 Awesome Tips for Becoming YouTube Famous ...

Here are 5 important tips for anyone who is planning on becoming YouTube famous. Basically these are some things I wish someone would have told me when I was first starting out. I'm still very small but these tips are relevant for all beginners!

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This has got to be the most important tip if you want to do YouTube. Being yourself is the first step in getting anywhere on the site. Make videos that show who you are as a person. Also be genuine with your subscribers. No one wants to watch someone who is fake and looks highly uncomfortable in front of the camera. Also, choose the types of videos you would have a fun time making. Don't just follow trends for the hell of it. Film the video because it's a topic that you solely believe in.



When you're starting out on YouTube it's important that you aren't just doing it in the hopes of becoming rich and famous. Do it because you love it. If you're passionate about what you're doing eventually people will see that and your following and view count will increase. It just takes time. So don't feel bad if you can't reach the level of fame and fortune you want. First you have to put in the passion and effort and maybe one day you can be rich and famous.



I've watched TOO many YouTube tip videos on how to grow your channel where they mention that in order to succeed you need a highly expensive camera with amazing quality. This is a lie. I started out on my phone and it works just as well. The key is to use good lighting. Natural sunlight is what does the trick. It's not about how good of a camera you have. It's about the quality of your content. Even if you don't have the best equipment just remember you're starting out and eventually you can upgrade once you can afford it.



When starting out it's important to keep in mind what you would watch as a viewer. If you're bored with the content you're filming then so are your viewers. Decide what you like to watch and film those kinds of videos. That's the key to gaining the attention of people who come across your channel. They're more likely to subscribe if you're also entertained with your own videos. If you're entertained than that means the crowd is entertained as well.



It's important to be organized and to have a plan for your channel. I like to keep a journal where I write down all of my video ideas and I determine when I'm going to film them. It's also smart to keep a planner and to pick which time and day you're going to film and upload your videos. Organization creates consistency and that's what you want for your channel. If viewers see that you give a shit then they'll keep coming back for more each time you upload a new video.

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