7 Tips for Learning to Drive an Automatic Car ...


7 Tips for Learning  to Drive  an Automatic Car  ...
7 Tips for Learning  to Drive  an Automatic Car  ...

Hello all! Are you super excited to learn about car driving? Then you need some tips for learning to drive an automatic car. With this article you’ll find the basics of how to drive an automatic car so that you can drive like a pro! Note that there are manual cars which are rarely used and automatic ones that are trending. Of course, you've got to take classes and get your license before you hit the open road.

The following are seven tips for learning to drive an automatic car that will benefit you the most.

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The Very Beginning - Park

The P is responsible for locking the driving wheels from moving. If the car is parked (P) and you want to start driving, you should never forget to press the brake pedal before turning the key on and then shifting to drive.



When you put the gear on D, you are giving the order for the car to move forward. Don’t forget to shift the gear from P (parking) to D. Press on the gas pedal slightly to get going.



The neutral “N” is used when you are stopped, but will need to go again soon. Of course, you should not use (N) while driving. Neutral is also for when you need to push your car should it break down.



Now it’s time for “R,” the reverse. Here’s a warning. Don’t forget to press the brake pedal and check all the different mirrors in your car carefully to make sure that you’ll cause no harm. Once you release the brake pedal, the car will move backward. Remember, you should not speed up while reversing and you should always use the brake pedal for safety.


Turn the Steering Wheel Slightly

Let’s head to challenging actions now! Steer the wheel very slightly in order to control the car. Imagining the steering wheel as a clock and holding it at the 10 and 2 clock positions will put you in control of the car, and trust me you won’t feel reluctant!


For Moving Left and Right

Press the signal on and turn the wheel around to turn the car. Check the mirrors carefully. When you want to do the turn, you should use the hand over hand technique since it will make driving easier and controls the car better.


Headlights and Wipers

Always turn the headlights on when it is dark and the wipers when it is raining. The leaver that controls the headlights is usually on the left side of the steering wheel. However, the one that controls the wipers is mainly on the right side of the steering wheel.

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