Video Tutorial on How to Improve Your Handwriting ...


Video Tutorial on How to Improve Your Handwriting ...
Video Tutorial on How to Improve Your Handwriting ...

Many adults want to know (while others should want to know!) how to improve your handwriting? From the very first stages of your education as a young child, your personality starts to come through in your handwriting. Whether or not you are good at spelling as a kid (and as an adult!), your handwriting remains something that is so unique and personal to you that it can literally be used in criminal cases to determine the identities of certain individuals who might be under suspicion.

Your handwriting is as unique to you as your own fingerprint, but unlike your fingerprint, it is also something that can be changed and improved over time. Just because you had a messy scrawl as a teenager, it doesn’t mean that you can’t train yourself to acquire beautiful penmanship later down the line. Even though some of the most important people in society, like doctors for example, can have some of the messiest handwriting in the entire world, (maybe it’s deliberate so we can’t fathom out those words on our prescriptions!) it is always a good ambition to try to improve your own.

Even in these modern times of keyboard and touch screen technology, I truly believe that it is important to keep the art of beautiful handwriting alive and well. If you are somebody who is interested in improving your handwriting skills, then we have found two great videos for you, both providing great tips and information about how exactly you can put in to practice tips and tricks that will help to make your own handwriting that bit more special.

This first one is for basic tips to improve your handwriting.

This next one is if you have decent penmanship and want to tart it up a bit.

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