This is the Secret to Becoming a Better Writer ...


This is the Secret to Becoming a Better Writer ...
This is the Secret to Becoming a Better Writer ...

Writing is a great way to express yourself as well as developing and improving your current writing skills! No matter how good of a writer you are now, there's always ways you can become better so draw inspiration from these tips below!

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Practise Makes Perfect

I know this saying is so over-used but it's still so true! You may not feel like a super talented writer right now but if you keep practising the skills you already have, they will only increase and get better over time!

It's also true that there's always room for improvement, so consider ways you can improve your skills and put them to work!


Write Regularly

If you're a born writer writing regularly will come naturally! You shouldn't think of writer as a daily 'hassle' or something you have to do but don't have the passion for. Only write regularly if it feels comfortable and you look forward to it! This is the easiest and the best way to get you into the habit of writing.


Widen Your Vocab

You may have a pretty vocab already but I bet you it could be made better! While you're writing use helpful tools such as dictionaries and thesauruses (might seem old school but it really works) to find better alternatives to the words you already know.

You should also 'pick up' these new words as you go by remembering them and therefore you'll gradually widen your vocab!


Try Different Genres

Even though you might be used to doing this, it's not a good idea to limit yourself to only writing one or two genres. They may be what you consider comfortable, but you should allow yourself to be way more flexible by trying different genres and taking on their typical style. Who knows, you might even find a new genre to be a hidden strength!


Write What You Know

Even though it's fun to be imaginative and creative with your writing, it can also be pretty difficult to always be inventing characters and settings which you don't have an insight on. It's common that writing this way can cause the content to feel somewhat unfamiliar.

Instead, try writing about what you know! Write about yourself, the people you know (although you might want to change their names if you ever come to publishing it!), your home town, the places you've been, the things you've seen and anything else to do with your life!

This is the best way to truly connect to your writing and it will feel totally familiar. Once you've got this covered you can start to bring imaginary elements into your writing so that you have a good balance between reality and fantasy.


Explore Your Ideas

One thing that most writers find out sooner or later is that new ideas can literally come at any time! For this reason, always make sure you have a pen and paper handy so that you can jot them down as soon as you think of them and don't forget later on!

Ideas can even come in dreams overnight, so make a mental note of what the idea was or write it down quickly before you doze back off to sleep!


Be Creative and Original

While it's a good idea to use other writers you admire for inspirational purposes, make sure the writing you produce is strictly your own and full of your own original ideas! It's good practise to find ideas from others but make content your own so that it has your spin on it!

Writing is all about letting your imagination run wild and making your fantasy world come alive through your writing, so give it everything you have and never hold back!

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