7 Ways to Tell Your Parents You're Moving out ...

You just got that job in California you wanted and you’ve never been more excited in your life; now you just have to think of ways to tell your parents you’re moving out. Every person has to go through this crucial step of their life at one point or another, so you might as well face the fact that you will have to have a conversation with your parents about how you’re going to spread your wings and leave the nest. Take a deep breath, and read these ways to tell your parents you’re moving out so you can get on to bigger and better things!

1. Be Firm

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Whether you are 18 or 30 years old, you need to be firm with your parents when you’re thinking of ways to tell your parents you’re moving out. Let them know about where you will be moving to and how everything is going to work out. Your parents have been worrying about you for your entire life, so you leaving the nest can be a terrifying experience for them.

2. Have a Plan

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Before you even tell your parents that you are moving out you need a plan. You have to have a place to move to, which means that you shouldn’t be leaving because you’re mad at them or because you hate your siblings. Have a lease signed or a contract made with the person you are moving in with, even if it is a significant other, to make your parents feel better. Have a job and extra funds saved up in case something takes a turn for the worse.

3. Let Them Know You’re Not Leaving Because of Them

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To make your move easier, let your parents know that you are not moving out because of them. Tell them that they did a spectacular job at raising you and that they made you the strong, independent person that you are today. They will be less upset if you praise them for being the best parents on the planet.

4. Ask Your Parents How They Feel about You Moving out

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Ask your parents how they feel about the whole situation. Maybe they will have an easier time with everything if they are able to express their feelings to you. Many parents have the same concerns such as how often they will be able to see you, when they can talk to you, and who will be going over to whose place for Thanksgiving.

5. Introduce Them to Potential Roommates

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If you’re moving in with someone, introduce them to your family if they don’t know them already. Maybe you and your roommate can even tell your family together that you’re moving out. Your parents will feel more comfortable if they know that you are moving in with someone mature and responsible.

6. Tell Them Why You Are Moving out

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Maybe you’re moving out because you have a job offer in a different state, or maybe you’re moving out because your parents drive you absolutely insane. Either way, let them know why you are leaving. Don’t tell them that it is because you hate their guts because they give you no privacy, because that just sounds immature. Instead, you could tell them that you are getting older and that you need your own space. If you’re moving in with a significant other, you could tell them that your relationship is getting more serious and you want to try and move in with your partner.

7. Don’t Just Leave

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One thing you definitely don’t want to do is just pack up all of your things and leave when your parents are out of town for the weekend. Even if you don’t get along with your parents at all, you have to let them know that you are leaving. When I moved out I had a rough time because my parents did not want me to leave, but I told them firmly and gave them a specific plan. Some parents will kick and scream and refuse to let you leave, but they will eventually come to terms with you growing up, and will actually see you as a mature adult if you sit down with them and talk to them instead of disappearing.

Moving out can be rough no matter how old you are, but if you plan everything it won’t be as hard as you think. Telling your parents you are moving out might be something you want to avoid completely, but you have to remember that they raised you and helped make you the person you are today. The least you can do is share the next part of your life with them and make moving a positive experience for everyone. What tips on moving out can you think of?

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