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If you're wondering whether or not you've found the right person to live with, check out the signs you've found the perfect roommate! It's actually a pretty big deal sharing a space with someone. If you don't always feel 100% comfortable with that person, chances are things might not work. You should feel like you're equal owners of the space and be able to have fun together! Check out the signs you've found the perfect roommate.

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No Guilt over Choosing to Stay in

If your roommate has no problem with staying in to watch Netflix all night with you, that's a good sign. Having a roommate who shares your interests is totally important. If you'd rather stay in watching movies, and your roommate would rather party till the late night hours, it could get pretty annoying pretty fast. That's not to say that you should stay home EVERY night -- but when you do, your roommate is there with you. This is just one of the signs you've found the perfect roommate.


You Miss Them when They're Gone

When you're roomie is gone for the weekend, you enjoy the freedom for a total of twenty minutes. Then, you miss having her around! If you genuinely enjoy somebody's company, that's definitely a plus.


Chores Arent so Boring Anymore

Even boring chores can be made fun if you're with the right person. There are so many creative ways to do it! If your roommate is all about blasting the radio and dancing your way through cleaning the house, what could be better than that? To be honest, that's probably the only way I'd ever get any work done around my place!


Comfortable in Silence

Having so much in common, you and your roomie can fill up every second with conversation. However, when it's silent, you still feel comfortable. That's when you know you guys get along really, really well!


You Share Wardrobes

What's the fun in having a roommate if it doesn't mean your wardrobe gets doubled? That's a huge perk! If you and your roomie can share wardrobes, it's a sure sign you've found the perfect roommate. If having a roommate means double the clothes, sign me up!



Compromise is key in any relationship! Whether it be a romantic one or a friendship, you need to be willing to compromise! If you and you roomie can decide on a compromise to decorating the place, that's a good start. Try to incorporate each other's interests so you can make the place feel like it belongs to the both of you!


They Give You Alone Time when You Need It

Having a roommate means always having someone around. At times, that's great. However, I'm sure there are times where you'd rather be left alone. A good roommate will know when to make herself scarce. After some much needed alone time, you two can get back to hanging out 24/7 again.

Well, there you have it! These are just seven out of many signs that you've found the perfect roommate! Of course, I'm sure your roommate is awesome regardless of whether or not she shares her clothes with you! What do you think is most important when finding the perfect roommate? What makes your roommate so amazing?

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