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7 Ways to Handle a Home Invasion ...

By Michelle

In the middle of the night you hear a window break and a person crawl inside, which is when you realize you’re having a home invasion. The first thing you want to do is hide under your covers or scream and attack them. Well, don’t do either of those or you might end up getting hurt or killed. Remain calm, and remember these things to do during a home invasion.

1 Leave

If you realize that you are having a home invasion, one of the first things you should do if possible is to just leave. Any item that you own is not as valuable as your life or anyone in your family. Run to a neighbor’s house and call 911.

2 Call 911

You should do this as soon as possible. If you live in a nice suburban area, the police will show up fairly quickly. However, if you live in a high crime area, the police may not show up as fast. One thing you could do is call 911 and say you have a fire in your house. If dispatch thinks you have a fire, they will send a truck right away. The sound of the sirens might even scare the invader off.

3 If You Can’t Leave, Hide

If you can’t find a way to escape during a home invasion, try and hide in a non-obvious place. Lock yourself in a room and barricade the door to buy yourself time while you wait for the police to come. Most home invasion murders occur within the first 30 seconds of the invasion, so you want to stay out of sight as much as you can.

4 Stay Quiet

You want to try and stay as quiet as you can so the home invader cannot immediately locate where you are. The last thing you want to do is yell out that you are going to beat him up, because he will just grab a weapon and prepare to attack you. Try and stay calm when hiding, and breathe as quietly as possible.

5 Grab a Weapon

If you can, grab any sharp or heavy object that can do some damage if someone tries to attack you. Grab a lamp, flashlight, knife, curling iron, or anything that you can picture yourself defending your family with. Again, don’t run out and try to find the attacker. Use your weapon only if necessary.

6 Lock the Doors

One thing that I learned from horror movies is that when there is a home invasion, the victims running from room to room never lock the doors behind them. Lock your doors! If they don’t lock, push something in front of them! Locking a door could mean that you have just enough time to escape.

7 If You Can, Create a Safe Room

If you happen to live in a tiny city apartment like I do, it may be hard for you to create a safe room. Just sleep with a knife under your mattress. However if you live in a big house with lots of rooms, you can create a safe room, which is somewhere you can stay comfortable until help arrives. Put water, nonperishable food, and a change of clothes in this room for survival.

Home invasions are realistic events that happen thousands of times a year across America. The best thing that you can do is install an alarm system in your house. The next best thing you can do is be prepared when an invader does enter your home. Stay calm, and always be prepared ladies! Have you ever experienced a home invasion?

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