7 Ways to Handle an Insult ...


7 Ways to Handle an Insult ...
7 Ways to Handle an Insult ...

Your initial reaction when someone casts an insult might be to haul off and hit that person, which isn’t really a good idea in the first place. Another common reaction is to sling an insult right back at that person. There are quite a few other ways to react to this particular situation. Here are 7 ways to handle an insult, no matter who it’s coming from.

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Determine Whether It Was an Accident or Not

It’s easy to be quick to judge what someone says and take it the wrong way at first. People often speak before thinking and this might be the case. Guys are also notorious for saying something without thinking about how it will affect the other person. Take a moment to find out if what you heard is actually what the person meant to say.


Let the Other Person Know the Statement Hurt Your Feelings

If you feel insulted by something a friend, co-worker, or companion says, then tell that person. Explain why it hurt your feelings, but don’t expect an apology right away. State why you feel insulted and maybe you two can talk it out.


Walk Away

When you don’t know what else to do or are afraid you’ll react in a negative manner, turn around and increase the distance between you two. This will usually give the other person a clue to their mistake. Turning your back on someone who just insulted you can often have a stronger impact on the person issuing the insult.


Laugh and Take It in Stride

People who are able to laugh at an insult someone just gave them often catch the other person by surprise. Most people insult someone to get a negative reaction or cause pain in some way. Laughing in their face shows them their insult backfired and puts the ball in your court. Even if you truly are hurt, laugh it off and tell yourself the other person must be having a bad day.


Don’t Let the Other Person Know It Bothered You

As long as you don’t retaliate in a negative manner, no one will know just how bad the insult made you feel. Don’t give the other person the satisfaction of hurting you with words. If it was a single insult, you might be able to continue carrying on a decent conversation. However, if the person continues to toss around hurtful words, then you might have to turn your back on them or leave the room.


Take a Few Deep Breaths

The few moments it takes to inhale and exhale a few times might be all you need to regain control of your thoughts, words, and fists, in some cases. Breathe deeply and think happy thoughts! Someone who has even a shred of common sense will see this reaction as a sign to back off and quit talking.


Remain as Calm as Possible

Whatever you need to do to keep your wits about you, then do it. The calmer you remain, the better the outcome will be. Things can turn ugly too quickly when tempers fly.

I hope you can used these 7 ways to handle an insult to your advantage. Stooping to their level is never a good idea. What methods have you used in the past to deal with insults?

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