7 Ways to Thank Your Teacher ...

By Jennifer

7 Ways to Thank Your Teacher ...

How to thank a teacher? Well, the first idea is obvious, so I’ll make it my last: just say thank you! But for the teacher who’s gone above and beyond, and been a big influence on you or your child, there are so many other ways to show your appreciation and gratitude. Here are 7 ways to thank a teacher.

Table of contents:

  1. recommend them
  2. remember them
  3. send a gift
  4. write a note
  5. dedicate your work
  6. storycorps
  7. say thank you!

1 Recommend Them

Sure, it’s nice to tell your friends and family and all of Facebook how much you adore your teacher, but surely it will mean a lot more to tell their principal, dean, or other administrators. Better yet, put it in writing, so when it comes time for a performance review, your favorite teacher will have proof of just how good they are.

2 Remember Them

My own favorite teachers were all three English teaches (Mrs. Doran, Warren, and Ilges), and I think the best way I can thank them is by holding dear their memories, and working in a way that honors them. Whenever I finish a writing project, I review it with a critical eye, and ask myself what they would think, and if they would approve.

3 Send a Gift

Who doesn’t love to receive a thank-you card or gift? Of course, that includes teachers! It doesn’t have to be a pricey gift, just something small and sentimental, or just a card itself. Do they really need another teacher ornament or apple paperweight? No, but I’m sure each one they have means a lot to them.

4 Write a Note

Like I mentioned above, sometimes the best way to thank a teacher is to give a gift or a card, or better yet, a personally hand-written note. Just write down your gratitude and appreciation, and either mail the note, or deliver it to the school.

5 Dedicate Your Work

If you become an artist or a writer, why not thank the teacher who inspired you by dedicating your work to that teacher? I plan to dedicate a book to my high school English teachers, once I write one that’s worthy of them.

6 StoryCorps

On September 19, StoryCorps kicked off the National Teachers Initiative, recording the stories of teachers and their students in 40-minute interviews. The interviews will be archived with other StoryCorps interviews at the Library of Congress. Find out more, including how to participate, at storycorps.org.

7 Say Thank You!

Aside from all of the above things, obviously, the best way to thank a teacher is to just say thank you! A big hug is nice, too, wouldn’t you agree?

With so many ways to thank a teacher, there’s no reason to delay! Get out there with this list, and say thank you! (Mrs. Doran, if you’re reading this: thank you!) If you’re a teacher, which of these ways would you like to be thanked? Or is there something else we students and ex-students can do to show our love? Do tell!

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